Joey performs at Cheung Yiu-wing tribute concert

Last night Joey performed at ‘Father of Concerts’ Cheung Yiu-wing‘s Tribute concert. Cheung Yiu-wing was a pioneer of Hong Kong’s concert industry, helping many artists and legendary stars step on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum, once Hong Kong’s largest indoor area which has since become one of Asia’s most prestigious large-scale pop concert venue.

Last night was the first of two consecutive shows, featuring a star-studdied list of performers including Jacky Cheung, May Day, Sammi Cheng, Sally Yeh, Grasshoppers, Jenny Tseng, Kelly Chen, and more. Joey performed two songs; 越唱越強 and 痛愛.

Earlier this year, shortly after his death in March, Cheung Yiu-wing’s family invited Joey to sing a tribute song for him, composed by AGA with lyrics by Riley (林若寧).

New Song Penned by Wyman and Janet + JG Rumours Update 8/27/14


Famed lyricist Wyman Wong posted on his Instagram the other day a screencap of the song credits (from what looks like a word processing application document) to a new Joey song named 天然呆. Aside from his lyrics and vocals from Joey, the composer is Janet Yung. Fans familiar with Hong Kong musicians and writers that Joey works with will know that Janet is the composer behind a number of Joey songs including 16號愛人, 去火星戀愛, and 臨床. She was also a member of the Number 6 band. According to Wyman, this song features a “new song style” and a “weird theme”. According to Joey, this will be part of a new ‘side project’.

JG Rumours Update 8/27/14

The following is ‘information’ we have about Joey’s upcoming music releases. I use the word ‘information’ loosely as nothing has been confirmed, and as we know from the past, much of what Joey or ‘sources’ say is not to be trusted until confirmed. The following is what we ‘know’ so far:

  • Joey at some point had said that her next album will be entirely made up of upbeat/fast songs.
  • Alex Fung (the main producer for Joey’s last Cantonese studio original album 小日子) will also be the main producer for Joey’s upcoming album. He stated that the next album will be an ‘urban, chic’ album meant to help Hong Kongers ‘add oil’.
  • The first demo was completed by Alex around mid-July.

From these tidbits of information, we can gather that it will be a while before Joey’s next Cantonese album is released, likely the end of the year or the beginning of 2015. That said, it is likely that 天然呆 will be released (and plugged) as part of a separate release that will be available at an earlier date (perhaps an EP or a commercial single).

Metro Mandarin Music Awards + JG Special Feature Vol. 2

The Metro Mandarin Music Awards were held on August 26, with Joey winning a total of four awards:

  • Metro Mandarin Song for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Hot K Song for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Highest Airplay for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Global Best Female Singer

The Metro Mandarin Music Awards are not the most prestigious awards ceremony by any measure. Yet, they are often able to (somehow) attract a decent number of big name artists popular in the greater Chinese or Asia region, which leads to interesting interactions between Joey and artists we often do not see.

However, this year we would like to focus on a specific interaction Joey had with a local talent – the very talented and saxy, Phil Lam. Without going into too much detail, Phil meeting Joey backstage is of a very special significance to some of us here, so I will go ahead and translate what Phil posted on his FB/Weibo accounts:


The incredible Joey Yung!! I remember a few years ago when I came to Hong Kong to compete in the Global New Talent Singing Awards, I saw you and you told me to add oil. Today I was able to meet you again, and officially introduce myself to you. That same fan from years ago was actually me!

Original text:

The incredible Joey Yung !! 記得幾年前我回到香港參加全球華人新秀時,我有見過你,你還叫我要加油,今日我在頒獎禮和你再見面,向你正式再介紹自己,其實我就是當年那位粉絲



Joey x Nicholas Tse collaboration!

Watch the video of Nic playing the guitar while Joey sings 讓我們走下去 Let Us Walk On (composed by Nic himself for the movie 一生一世, which also stars Nic). This marks the fourth time Joey sings a song written by Nic, the first three being the 2001 classic 告解, and 2003’s  一首傳世之歌 and 不想回家. Joey and Nic have filmed the MV for this new movie theme song, but has yet to be released.

Here is a link to the acoustic performance by Joey and Nic:

Here’s the full song:


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JG Special Feature Vol. 1 // Hins Cheung covers Joey’s ‘未知’ (‘Don’t Know’)

Joey’s good friend and fellow singer Hins Cheung released his new cover album ‘Pink Dahlia’ today. The new album will be his last under Universal HK, and there are rumours that he will be joining EEG in hopes for a record company that could provide him with something ‘different.’ On the album, Hins covers ten songs by ten Hong Kong divas.

The tracklist includes 完全因你 by Cass Phang, 夜機 by Priscilla Chan, 風花雪 by Kelly Chen, 假的戀愛 by Shirley Kwan, 值得 by Sammi Cheng, 親密愛人 by Anita Mui, 未知 by Joey, 滴汗 by Sandy Lam, 少女的祈禱 by Miriam Yeung, and 不舍也為愛 by Deanie Ip. According to Hins, all the songs were chosen by the female singers themselves, the late Anita Mui being an exception of course.

Hins has always had a good grasp of the R&B genre which is probably why Joey chose this song for him to sing. When I listened to his version however, I was surprised that it did not have the strong urban sound I was expecting. Instead, it sounded very grand and powerful, which is actually more akin to his recent work with orchestral music and musical theatre. Nonetheless, a great cover by Hins that probably did Joey proud!

What to look forward to in 2013!

JG Rumours Update 2/22/2013

For the first Joey-related post, I thought it would be a good idea to mention two major projects we can look forward to in 2013! (And maybe entice you guys to check back here more often ;))

1. New Cantonese Album

Yes, after focusing on her Mandarin album “MOMENT” last year, Joey will be making a return to Cantopop this year! From past experience we know not to trust any early reports too much (even if the information is by Joey herself), but so far this is what we know and can hope to expect:

1. Joey hopes to duet with 90s HK/Taiwan Pop/R&B singer Alex To
2. There will be a song composed by Pakho Chau
3. There will be a song composed by Carl Wong
4. There will be a song composed by Janet Yung (it’s been 8 years since 去火星戀愛, the last song she wrote for Joey!)
5. The album will contain the duet version of 途徑北海道 with Yoyo Shum
6. There will be one to four songs composed by Adason Lo, one of which is an ’80s style’ song

Joey has also stated that she hopes to release an album of only fast songs and perhaps releasing a second Cantonese album before the end of the year.

Here’s a picture of Joey in the studio with Carl and Janet from Janet’s weibo:

2. Joey’s 7th Solo Hong Kong Coliseum Concert

According to Joey, EEG has already applied for some Hong Kong Coliseum dates! Rumour has it that it will be a cross-year concert, meaning the dates will run from December of this year into January of next year!

Again, don’t take any of this tooo seriously as none of this has been confirmed. However, I think it is pretty safe to bet that Joey has a lot in store for us this year so remember to keep checking back for updates!

Welcome to JG Blog

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Welcome fellow JGers! And to anyone that wasn’t a former JG member and stumbled upon this blog looking for Joey Yung news and links, welcome to you too!

After an amazing run of 13 years (**14 years at the time of this post), JoeyGalaxy will finally be closing. The good part though is that it is not because Joey has become irrelevant. Quite the opposite actually. Joey is still as active as ever, or as the original JG admin put it, “still rocking HK music!” Since there is still a ton of Joey news and music to share and discuss, and also as a tribute to the original JG, a few of us members have decided to try and continue JG as a scaled-down news blog!

The great thing about this blog is that we can all still continue discussing Joey together by simply replying in the comments section!  So please, bookmark this site and continue checking back for updates! Our blog will only be a success if you guys comment and keep the JG spirit going :D

***Thanks to parrot for hosting JG on her server, thereby extending the life of our forum for an extra year and a half!!!