Veteran Japanese Singer-songwriter Mayumi Itsuwa composes Joey’s next plug


As mentioned earlier, it is wise to take whatever Joey says about future releases with a grain of salt. Joey revealed on social media yesterday (November 15) that her second ‘proper’ plug of the year will not be the song written by veteran Hong Kong musician Tony Arevalo Jr, a musician known for his ‘J-pop sounding compositions’. However, still expect it to sound like 1980s J-pop, as the next plug will be a song written specifically for Joey by veteran Japanese singer-songwriter, Mayumi Itsuwa.

Joey had met Mayumi Itsuwa at a lunch event earlier this year when the veteran singer came to Hong Kong for her 40th Anniversary concert. At the event, Joey bravely asked Mayumi if she could write a song for her. To Joey’s surprise, Mayumi sent Joey a demo less than a month after her request.

The Oricon chart-topping veteran first rose to fame in Japan with her 1980 hit single, Koibito yo, which was followed by a series of hits that helped solidify her popularity all over Asia throughout the 1980s. In Hong Kong, she is known for being the original singer and composer of a number of covers that became Cantopop classics in their own rights, including Paula Tsui’s 夜風中 and Alan Tam’s 忘不了你 and 雨絲情愁.

The song is now being finished with the help of lyricist Wyman ‘YY’ Wong, producer for the ‘JYYY’ side project that this song will be a part of along with 天然呆 and the Arevalo song; as well as Leo Chan, ‘Ho Bing’, and Joey’s longtime producer Schumann. The new song is expected to hit the airwaves November 18, 2014.

1314 World Tour: Mohegan Sun (December 20?)

Another US stop has been announced!

Mohegan Sun Casino – Arena
Place: Mohegan Sun Casino – Arena

十二月二十日 (星期六) 深夜一時 (Translation: Dec 20, Saturday, 1:00AM)
Date: Sunday, 12/20/2014, 1:00AM

(^ Please confirm with them the actual date – one’s saying Saturday and one’s saying Sunday)

VIP $158 / $128 / $88 / $58 / $38

Purchase tickets:
查詢電話:(718) 888-3113

For more details, follow:

1314 World Tour: Las Vegas (December 27, 2014)

That’s right, Joey is coming to Las Vegas! The news previously indicated that there would be a stop in Atlantic City too, but only Las Vegas has been confirmed for now. The last time she held a solo concert there was in 2006 at the Mirage casino. She also performed in 2009 at the White Dragon Charity Remembrance concert at the MGM, which will be the venue for her upcoming concert.

To the Canadian fans outside of Toronto, depending on where you live, it could be cheaper to fly to Las Vegas. Plus, you could also book the same hotel as Joey!  Just kidding. If anyone is considering going to Las Vegas and would like travel advice, please leave a comment. It would be a great opportunity to travel during the holidays and see Joey at the same time!


Joey Yung in World Tour Concert 1314 – Las Vegas
Date: 12/27 SAT 2014 8PM
Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena
Tickets: $168 / $128 / $88 / $58 (LET and Facility Fees included)
票務查詢: 626-964-4747

Joey nominated for two CASH Golden Sail Awards

The CASH Golden Sail Awards is presented every year by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH). While not the most high profile music awards ceremony in Hong Kong, it is noted for being the only popular music awards voted purely by musicians and music professionals. It is in that sense Hong Kong’s only pop music awards based purely on ‘music’ and ‘quality’, and is generally well regarded within the industry.

This year Joey is nominated for two awards: Best Female Singer Performance for ‘續集'; and Best Vocal Collaboration/Group Performance for ‘愛情也有生命’ with Leo Ku.

Throughout her career, Joey has won two Golden Sail Awards, both times for Best Female Singer Performance (the two times being in 2003 for ‘爭氣’ and last year for ‘天窗’). In addition, lyricist Chow Yiu Fai won Best Lyrics for his work in Joey’s 2012 song ‘蜉蝣’, and Chan Kwong Wing won Best Melody in 2003 for Joey’s iconic hit, ‘我的驕傲’. Joey is one of only three female singers to have won the Best Female Singer Performance award more than once, after Kay Tse (four wins) and Stefanie Sun (three wins).

The winners will be announced November 3rd. See the full final nominations list here.

Joey releases new plug ‘天然呆'; reveals upcoming projects

After nine months of waiting, Joey finally releases her first ‘proper’ plug of the year and the first plug from her next CD release! As revealed earlier on Instagram, the song’s title is 天然呆, which refers to when someone thinks about nothing/stares into blankness. In an interview at CR2 (903), Joey reveals that the idea to do this song came from Wyman Wong. This song will be released as part of a concept EP, in which Wyman will act for the first time as the album producer. The concept behind the EP is to release something ‘just for fun’, and in this case a song that Wyman feels best reflects Joey’s true, silly self. Aside from lyrics by Wyman and composition by Janet Yung, Harris Ho (何秉舜, aka. Hobing@goomusic) also helped with the arrangement and the production.

In the same interview, Joey revealed that the second plug will be written by 盧東尼 (Tony Arevalo Jr), a well known Hong Kong songwriter from the 1970s and 80s who has not been active for years. Tony is famous for the Japanese-style songs he wrote for many of the biggest stars of the 70s and 80s including Alan Tam, Paula Tsui, Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, etc. He is also responsible for the arrangement of Teresa Teng’s classic, 月亮代表我的心. Joey also reveals that she is concurrently working on two other albums, confirming that there will be a full length Cantonese album with Alex Fung as producer, as well as a Mandarin greatest hits album.

As with most of Joey’s new releases, this song is available for download on iTunes as a commercial single, along  with KTV and background music versions, and a commentary from Joey.

Joey attends Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 Show in London

Joey takes a picture with Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative and chief executive officer of Burberry

Earlier, Joey was invited to attend the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 show in London. As one of the biggest shows during London’s Fashion Week, Joey sat front row alongside fashion icon and heavyweight Anna Wintour, and other big name guests like photographer Mario Testino; actors Naomie Harris, Dakota Johnson, Vicki Zhao, Ko So Young, Gala Gordon, Jamie Campbell Bower, Anushka Sharma and Araya A. Hargate; musicians Paloma Faith, Rae Morris, Rhodes; model Amber Le Bon, media personalities Cat Deeley, Donna Air, Olivia Palermo, Raya Abirached, Elena Perminova and Harvey Weinstein.

Watch Joey’s interview (in English!) below (starting at 0:51)

Joey performs at Cheung Yiu-wing tribute concert

Last night Joey performed at ‘Father of Concerts’ Cheung Yiu-wing‘s Tribute concert. Cheung Yiu-wing was a pioneer of Hong Kong’s concert industry, helping many artists and legendary stars step on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum, once Hong Kong’s largest indoor area which has since become one of Asia’s most prestigious large-scale pop concert venue.

Last night was the first of two consecutive shows, featuring a star-studdied list of performers including Jacky Cheung, May Day, Sammi Cheng, Sally Yeh, Grasshoppers, Jenny Tseng, Kelly Chen, and more. Joey performed two songs; 越唱越強 and 痛愛.

Earlier this year, shortly after his death in March, Cheung Yiu-wing’s family invited Joey to sing a tribute song for him, composed by AGA with lyrics by Riley (林若寧).

New Song Penned by Wyman and Janet + JG Rumours Update 8/27/14


Famed lyricist Wyman Wong posted on his Instagram the other day a screencap of the song credits (from what looks like a word processing application document) to a new Joey song named 天然呆. Aside from his lyrics and vocals from Joey, the composer is Janet Yung. Fans familiar with Hong Kong musicians and writers that Joey works with will know that Janet is the composer behind a number of Joey songs including 16號愛人, 去火星戀愛, and 臨床. She was also a member of the Number 6 band. According to Wyman, this song features a “new song style” and a “weird theme”. According to Joey, this will be part of a new ‘side project’.

JG Rumours Update 8/27/14

The following is ‘information’ we have about Joey’s upcoming music releases. I use the word ‘information’ loosely as nothing has been confirmed, and as we know from the past, much of what Joey or ‘sources’ say is not to be trusted until confirmed. The following is what we ‘know’ so far:

  • Joey at some point had said that her next album will be entirely made up of upbeat/fast songs.
  • Alex Fung (the main producer for Joey’s last Cantonese studio original album 小日子) will also be the main producer for Joey’s upcoming album. He stated that the next album will be an ‘urban, chic’ album meant to help Hong Kongers ‘add oil’.
  • The first demo was completed by Alex around mid-July.

From these tidbits of information, we can gather that it will be a while before Joey’s next Cantonese album is released, likely the end of the year or the beginning of 2015. That said, it is likely that 天然呆 will be released (and plugged) as part of a separate release that will be available at an earlier date (perhaps an EP or a commercial single).

Metro Mandarin Music Awards + JG Special Feature Vol. 2

The Metro Mandarin Music Awards were held on August 26, with Joey winning a total of four awards:

  • Metro Mandarin Song for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Hot K Song for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Highest Airplay for 破了的米菲兔
  • Metro Mandarin Global Best Female Singer

The Metro Mandarin Music Awards are not the most prestigious awards ceremony by any measure. Yet, they are often able to (somehow) attract a decent number of big name artists popular in the greater Chinese or Asia region, which leads to interesting interactions between Joey and artists we often do not see.

However, this year we would like to focus on a specific interaction Joey had with a local talent – the very talented and saxy, Phil Lam. Without going into too much detail, Phil meeting Joey backstage is of a very special significance to some of us here, so I will go ahead and translate what Phil posted on his FB/Weibo accounts:


The incredible Joey Yung!! I remember a few years ago when I came to Hong Kong to compete in the Global New Talent Singing Awards, I saw you and you told me to add oil. Today I was able to meet you again, and officially introduce myself to you. That same fan from years ago was actually me!

Original text:

The incredible Joey Yung !! 記得幾年前我回到香港參加全球華人新秀時,我有見過你,你還叫我要加油,今日我在頒獎禮和你再見面,向你正式再介紹自己,其實我就是當年那位粉絲