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Number 6 World Tour - Malaysia
credits to yukiwai @

Oct 20, 2012 8pm @ 雲頂雲星剧場

RM480VIP,RM350 PS1,RM250 PS2,RM180 PS3,RM120 PS4
Ticket launch for Genting Rewards Card Members: 19 July 2012 (Thursday)
Ticket launch for public: 2 August 2012 (Thursday)

[Image: e2f8215b-d387-4007-a43d-bc5c150ec49c_f.jpg]

[Image: fplan.gif]

[Image: joeyyung01.jpg]

singapore fans: GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Wow prices are reaching aus pricing
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
Thats really great you traveled all over the world and entertain the people of almost every country, definitely you would have performed well and have rock the world for sure.
ah, finally! im on for this..=D
[Image: joeyyung.jpg][Image: a93l6.gif]
m J Wrote:ah, finally! im on for this..=D
even if u don't find anyone to go with u? *cough* :p
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
haha, apparently, yes..abit sad i know..=p
the last time she came i did the same tho..but that time get to meet up with huiyi (one of jg member) and her fren..hehe
[Image: joeyyung.jpg][Image: a93l6.gif]
Cya there m J Smile r u sitting with jy6?
who else is going? *looks at ly*
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

someone on JF heard from staff that one more show will be added but this is not confirmed yet
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

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