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"Moment" - 2012 Mandarin Album
Use this link to order:

[Image: 9b3baa9e.jpg]



[Image: a8021368.png]

Album Title: Moment
Release Date: July 18th, 2012

01. 正好 [Audio] [MV]
02. 維加斯有點好萊塢 [Audio]
03. 霧裡看花 [Audio] [MV]
04. 活該 [Audio]
05. 加大力度 [Audio]
06. 在時間面前 [Audio]
07. 叫 [Audio]
08. 不好意思我愛你 [Audio]
09. 受害者 [Audio]
10. 給你 [Audio]
11. 追風箏的風箏 (容祖兒/林欣彤Wink [Audio]

01. 正好 MV
02. 霧裡看花 MV or 微電影 (Mini Movie)

Official Promotional/Making-Of Clips: [01] [02] [03]

Song Credits:
給你 (曲:黄韵玲|词:周志琮Wink / 在時間面前 (曲:吴青峰Wink / 加大力度 (曲:王双骏|词:陈咏谦Wink / 雾里看花 (曲:陈小霞|词:施人诚Wink / 活该 (曲:方大同|词:方大同Wink / 正好 (曲:Michael Jay, Ivo Moring|词:蓝小邪Wink / 不好意思我爱你 (曲:Christopher Chak|词:林夕Wink / 叫 (曲:杨子朴|词:蓝小邪Wink / 受害者 (曲:蔡健雅Wink / 维加斯有点好莱坞 (曲:OT:The Dice|词:周耀辉Wink

Sources: [Sky Music] [YesAsia]
i hope this is the cover art. so sexy
this by tfj|inspired
Joey has nice long legs! i cant wait for the album to be released!
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
在時間面前 <-- this title sounds interesting. she has a lot of songs about time, which i love
this by tfj|inspired
03. 加大力度

It sounds weird, considering this is supposed to be a mando album. >.<
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
^ why does that sound weird?

The cover is so rauuu
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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^ I suppose one doesn't normal say that in mando. Sounds more like a canto translation.

Joey has super flexible limbs Tongue
Cover art and tracklist updated - now includes the duet with Mag from "Diva". Can pre-order the Taiwan version of "Moment" on as well!
I thought this album was going to be called - legs. Moments..hrmmm :p
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
^ Haha, yeah or "Glow: X-Rated", rauuu!

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