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Joey and Wilfred are dating
I am a goocho fan
Okay I totally believed in all the goocho stuff, except some of those that were cooked up by reporters.
I absolutely detest mr Lau. He is so useless! Like okay. Take for example the report that he and Joey went to Thailand... Joey took business class and he took economy class? He can't even afford business class and he wants to be with Joey!! He's been a singer for... 10 yrs or more.... And still aint famous. Useless thing.
And it's very obvious he used to like goo. Very very obvious from blogtv. ESP the christmas one that Joey was spotted in...
Honestly I don't know how come.... They suddenly got together. And definitely it's not some EEG thing cos I bet EEG was super, extremely shocked... And goo... Is evidently heartbroken. I don't know how about Joey. I hope she doesn't go onto weibo (but she will have to go on later)
On weibo, I follow both gootoes and jfs.
I see gootoes scolding Joey and jfs scolding goo and everyone scolding that jerk.
I really hope Joey will open her eyes. He..... Forced a female star to go out to face the reporters when it was raining and he was hiding in the tent. Useless piece of shit.
I wonder what Joey will say... Well... If she really likes him... By all means go ahead...
Their frds are taking sides. Joey's only left with twins and... More EEG ppl. Heison seems to be hurt too. Some ppl stalked his fb and saw some posts..
He is obviously not a gentleman...
I sure hope Joey can withstand the pressure... She is gonna have to face the press in a few hrs. Poor girl. Ppl r gonna shoot her and reporters are gonna ask her about her and goo and her and the jerk.
I'm sorry but it's totally out of line to call Wilfre what you've called him. So not being able to afford a business flight is the epitome of being successful??? Twins make more money than say - Khalil or someone, doesn't mean anything about eithers amount of talent.

I understand that some people think she is deserving of all but this is Joey's choice. She is under enough pressure, having to deal with her feelings. She seems happy and likes Wilfred (from some of the weibo posts).

If people are actually Joey fans then you should have her happiness and well being before all out.
It's not a crime to like someone who is of lower status than her.

It's awful that people abuse Wilfred for his lack of career. If both hocc and Joey had no issue being his friend then surely he had some attractive points.

And for all the calls of betrayal etc, let's wait to see what Joey has to say.

Ps. I managed to say all of the above as someone who thoroughly respects Hocc and appreciates her very much as a musician.

People get way too caught up in this stuff. By the rational, you can't abuse Wilfred for those reasons without doing the same. So at least be impartial!
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
Joey just posted a long hand written letter...someone translate please!!! lolll

Not sure what it says exactly (can't copy and paste this to my handy ping yum site ahaha) but I 'Liked' it and wrote a little message of encouragement regardless haha cuz that's what being a crazy, biased fan is all about Tongue
[Image: jjsig3.jpg]
^ tried my best... just hadn't been translating anything these few years lol
what i found out from joey is that they are definitely not ready for the public and she's still looking for mr. right lol


I feel helpless lately, I've always chosen to be low profile regarding my personal life, but I feel that I need to step out because of the recent events, reason being I don't want things to get worse. A lot of guesses out there are hurting more people (including myself). After this letter, I won't be responding in regards to this anymore for the time being and hope that everyone can focus on the work I do.

The number of relationships I have during my 13 years of career is not a lot, most of the time I choose to work hard, but I value every relationship. I'm serious in every relationship I've been in, but when it ends, I can only accept it helplessly. With Ching, we're still in the early stages, his sincerity made me consider the possibility of going one more step.

I have to admit that I'm not an expert in love, even a bit at loss. "Who can stay with me in the heaven of dreams forever" is a thought that come across my mind a lot. I'm sorry that I can't share all aspects of my love life with everyone, but I feel that "love" cannot be "weighed" on a scale. Yung Cho Cho just hopes to find a shoulder to rely on, to spend days of happiness with. I hope this day will finally come, please give me some blessings and energy, hope that Mr. Right will appear soon. (put hands together and prays)

Cho Cho
June 25, 2012

KALAFINA!! FictionJunction!! Keiko!!
Keiko wanted to jump me at the autographing! 10.03.07 Kalafina remembers me!! 10.08.06
Chihara Minori wished me a Happy Birthday!!! 10.10.08 Minorin's concert was so short!! 10.10.09
STEREOPONY AIMI SOOOOO CUTE~~ 11.04.24 Keiko said "daisuki~!" to me 12.07.01
Mizuki Nana looked straight at me and waved! 2012.09.08
Hikaru asked if I went to Kaji Fes. and was surprised to find out I did~ 2013.05.18
^thanks njiteb!!

Hmmm...yeah, this still doesn't reveal much LOL but it's not like I really expected anything else. I wonder if this is a confirmation that she and Hocc were once together, she's referring to Heison, or if she's just stating that she's serious about her relationships (which is normal considering all the accusations) in general. It also does seem to imply that at least some of this has been misinterpreted by the public/media.

Despite being shocked and confused at first, I've come to realize that this whole issue is really way to personal for me or anyone else to really place judgement on. As an artist, I still admire her very much and will continue to support her as much as before. But if I had to comment on her as a person, which should be secondary as fans that don't actually know her in person, I would say that her relatively clean and rumour-free love life in the past 13 years has gained my trust and respect. I think she knows what she's doing and there's nothing more for us to do than to wish Joey well.


Hacken's reply to Joey on weibo (which Sue Man, Joey's producer and one of her closest friends, retweeted):

舒文ZooMusic[Image: transparent.gif]//@李克勤:大個女,處事成熟[Image: ee808e.png],專心工作最實際,得閒來我家打打邊爐,支持妳走的每一步

This I can translate haha:

"Big girl now, dealing with matters very maturely. Focusing on your work is definitely the most practical choice. Come over to my house to hot pot if you have time, support every step you make"

wow I must say, i'm quite moved and comforted by this reply. Glad to see someone as mature and respected as Hacken stand up for a friend during these difficult times!
[Image: jjsig3.jpg]
Thanks for posting Joey's letter from FB, blah and also to njiteb for translating it! Now that Joey has finally addressed this, I am happy for her and wish her the best with C Hing. I don't know how their relationship with Hocc will become after all this but as we are all Joey fans, we should do nothing but support her and not judge others.
when joey herself refers to C-hing as 'Mr. Right' it feels like even she, herself isn't sure whether or not she thinks he's the right guy. BUT this is just an early stage, not like they're getting married or what not...
this by tfj|inspired
this is crazy. people should stay out of celebrity's relationships. but well, i guess in our society now, tht's still not very possible =.="
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When is the press con, will it be streamed live?
hey welcome back ivy Smile kjh, how do u know there will be a press con? i read about Joey "gao doi-ing" at some EEG school tomorrow. is that what you're talking about?

as for the business vs economy class thing..errr no. how do u know it's because they don't want to be seen sitting together? and that c-hing let Joey sit in business class while he sits in economy class? lots of singers have been around in for a longgg time but are not famous. does that mean they're not talented? of course not. talent and money shouldn't be a factor in relationships anyway. it's just that as fans, we don't know them personally, and looks and talent are the only things that we can judge, and so we use it to decide who matches who.

wilfred should not have revealed it so quickly. Joey said in the letter that she has always wanted her private life to be low-profile. if you are a fan then should know that already even without her saying it. but yet wilfred said in the interview that he 'liu gai' (understands) Joey because they've known each other for years, which makes me question how much he really understands her? either that, or he purposely admitted to the relationship knowing that Joey would not have wanted this.

hocc's dad unfollowed Joey. Sad
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