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Joey and Wilfred are dating
^yeah i've always thought the same thing too! I think most real Joey fans think that Joey has a thing for Eason. It's SO much more obvious than GooCho imho lol

But that's why this piece of news is all the more shocking! It's almost a confirmation that there was something between Joey and Hocc cuz Hocc is clearly upset at Wilfred. But is it what we all think it is!?

It's definitely weird how everything's so public now! This must be how EG fans felt with the Edison scandal rofl (though quite the opposite Tongue)


lol wtf!? how is mani still denying this!?!?
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i am even more depressed now.... not that i don't like wilfred but because of the same reason that some people mentioned above

english couple name: JoFred Rolleyes

^ perhaps that was before c-hing (or before she knew he) admitted it? but then again, mani is ALWAYS first to deny EVERYTHING, if u guys haven't noticed already. and in the same video, the weibo post that Joey replied "splendid unexpected meeting", that was hint about their relationship, but no one picked up on it because no one saw it coming
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blablablah Wrote:^LOL yeahh me too! I mean...they're so close in real life, they probably text/whatsapp/phone/see each other all the time. Do they really need to do something as 'symbolic' and 'dramatic' as unfollowing each other on weibo cuz they're angry? I can't really imagine Hocc being like "oh, i'm so angry at Wilfred, i'm going to unfollow him!"

maybe it will be like unfriend-ing someone on facebook..

did wilfred even tell Joey he was going to admit the relationship in public so quickly? i mean, it only makes it more suspicious that he is using Joey for publicity
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wth. what's with the sudden admitting of relationships! though i must say, this pales in comparison to the korean one. >.< (anyone who's curious can search yoo in na ji hyun woo).

but like the korean couple, guess we'll just have to wait and see the full picture.
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我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
this is soooooo confusing. at first i thought this was sb's april fools joke but then it's late june...gahh yeah this is pretty tough to digest

the only thing i like out of this: their chinese couples name [龍兒]
this by tfj|inspired
newbie123 Wrote:Well I guess it's about time for Joey to show the public she's not that dry after all. She's not young.. so I guess telling the public makes sense. And they must be pretty serious about this relationship to admit it.
what do u mean she's not young. she's 23.
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the plot thickens everyday.. apparently c hing didnt bother telling hocc about their relationship and instead made Joey confess to hocc.. u know if the news articles are true, he does not seem to be a good bf at all
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
spoiledbrat Wrote:what do u mean she's not young. she's 23.

Hahahaha. You make me laugh like I didn't think was possible.

But yeah ... from the stuff I've skimmed through, everything makes Wilfred sound kinda douche-y.
Whatever. I've gotten over my initial confuzzledness and now I'm just willing to accept whatever so long as Joey's happy.
do u think joey will change her mind about her romantic relationship with wilfred coz it just all sounds so negative and plus pressure from EEG might make joey to let go of wilfred? and retain hocc's friendship? its either hocc or wilfred. who will she choose?
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I ...... I'M.......................... SPEECHLESS.................

C-HING is a lousy partner............. i don't like 龍夫 neways....... and their fake rapping Rolleyes

and it's kinda expected............ that joey is attacked........ what'd u expect? others to damn hocc..........
"hahaha!!! 低你死!!谁叫你靠近祖儿,你知道她是player,还要chee mai 她!!go to f**king hell!!!!"

i hope their (josi) friendship isn't abandoned; instead of "friends turned into lovers", they become "friends turned into enemies"......... but if it happens, it'll be SOOO unfortunate, and then it'll prob. evolve into an all out FAN WAR (which is the last thing hk needs, not to be like those crazy k-pop fan clubs!!!)

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