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Joey and Wilfred are dating
mavis leung wished them happiness on weibo, and i read on weibo that wilfred admitted it.

all the "dryness" all these years.... it came as a surprise to me when i read it, so not used to it lol. and yes this was the "juicy gossip" i was talking about in the shoutbox.

the story.

on joey's birthday, hocc unfollowed wilfred on weibo. a few days later, wilfred did the same. he followed Joey's mom and Joey's brother followed him. hocc's mom unfollowed Joey and wilfred, and her dad unfollowed wilfred. hocc wrote that someone she trusted stabbed her heart. this sparked fans' speculations.

the only reason why i wasn't happy when i heard the news is because of hocc... it seems like something happened and she is mad. i do not want the 3 good friends' relationship to be ruined. Sad judging from the weibo following and unfollowing described above, on the surface, it looks like it has something to do with wilfred, and possibly Joey. this is all speculation of course.

p.s. i really hope this isn't the company's strategy to promote DIVA.

april 2012
wyman: "rumoured bf 2012"
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Is Wilfred in Diva?

Im a bit mind blocked for a couple name!!!!

Wow! I'm happy for them! Talk about a tad on the random side!
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WOW, but honestly when have they ever been so open to admit a relationship, seems fishy. Some couples are open, but I mean in general when it comes to Joey's business. However, the story makes sense and explains all the drama and unfollowing and following. Hocc definitely is upset and seems to point to C-Hing since they unfollowed each other.

Isn't Joey precious? Two bestfriends throw away their years of friendship because of her.

Not sure the truth to their hooking up, but Hocc is definitely upset about something and the fact they both unfollowed each other seems pretty clear.
A lot of celebrity couples are open with their relationship

Cho Lam/gf
Bunch of TVB ones.
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why am i not happy about this... im supposed to be......!!!! this is bothering me =/

i think it's because im worried about the friendship between jy, hocc, and ching. talk about a love triangle here... hopefully i'll get over this soon. the three singers' fans are totally gonna have a huge argument.. yikes

as for the couple name.... JoSi (for c-hing) which is kind of funny because of an obvious reason
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I'm bored now that exams are done. BRING IT ON!

Maybe TVB can borrow a script from this and make an exciting drama?? :p

So many jokes to make, so little time!

Lesson for everyone: If that guy hangs out with you so much - he probably has a crush on you :p
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^ But he hangs at everyone's concerts hahaha.

But wow... random much. You know what I can't get over? How can Wilfred say YES to Joey's new hairstyle??? LOL good grief. He's a crap bf for not telling her to change it :p

Well I guess it's about time for Joey to show the public she's not that dry after all. She's not young.. so I guess telling the public makes sense. And they must be pretty serious about this relationship to admit it.

But ouch to Hocc... I don't see why she should be unhappy though.. She has better options like Shu Qi LOL
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i totally hope this is not promotion for DIVA.. i would kill EEG

so if hocc is really hurt by this, does it mean she really loves Joey? omg this plot can be used in a tvb drama.. even more dramatic =S

i am still quite shocked by this news.. it is quite sad that their friendship will be destroyed by this.. no idea whether it would be worth it
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I have no idea what to say. I still haven't gotten over the surprise O_O
I guess I'm happy for them ... but then reading some angry comments on weibo, I can understand why people are upset.
;A; So confused.

This will be terrible if it really is just a promotion strategy. D:
I don't think EEG is that good to get Hocc and her family to unfollow Wilfred haha.. and prob harder to get someone to admit that they are dating Joey LOL jk.

I think as long as Joey and Wilfred are happy, then other people shouldn't really have a say in this. A rship should only concern 2 people.. not the whole world. I think whatever it is, we should just be happy for Joey. She's finally not superdry yay! And we don't really know the whole story either.. So I think it's unfair to be on either sides.
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