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Diva theme song will be sung by Joey & Mag
The Kite that chases the kite 追风筝的风筝 will be recorded on Mag's new album which will be released on June 28

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Some joeyfans don't like the idea that mag is taking half the theme song away from Joey... I'd rather Joey sing the song all by herself but I guess this duet is gonna be pretty nice. Awaiting it Smile
I don't know what to think.
Mag has a nice voice but her voice seems to omit all the roughness/sharpness from Cantonese so I can never comprehend what she's singing.
I'm not too bothered about the fact that Joey only gets half a song. Big Grin
a DIVA should not need to share a song -.-
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^ Haha I rkn ey.

I'd be interested to hear the song actually. Hopefully their voices are compatible.
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i don't want joey to share a song with mag... but... 3 versions of the same song might be interesting? one by joey, one by mag, one duet?
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The idea of three versions sound interseting, njiteb!

I wouldn't be suprised if they did that for the "Diva" soundtrack because it would be so typical for EEG to do such a thing. Smile
what kind of name is 追风筝的风筝?!?!?! Rolleyes [Image: thumbsdown.gif]

but i'll have to listen to the full song before making further judgement.....

(from the title it's prob. a mando song....)
Right. A diva shouldn't need to share a song. But this is EEG... And they consider mag a future diva.
hmmm...definitely not happy about Joey sharing the song...especially since i'm hoping that Joey will finally win her first Hong Kong Film Award...for Best Original Song LOL (unlike the Oscars, the vocalist gets an award too).

However, seeing that the whole concept of the movie was to compare the life of an established Diva to an up and coming singer, it does make complete sense for them to do this.

I DO hope that either there are 3 versions, or even better Joey gets to sing a non-main theme on her own.
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