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Joey's cars
newest car. not my cup of tea...

[Image: 5938d248jw1dpr743w479j.jpg]
[Image: 6219a39cjw6dcc5kdeinjj.jpg]

[Image: 96d5f7e8gw1dp5jq5lq1nj.jpg]
not sure if that last one is her car

[Image: 8fd5fc1agw1do08idyplhj.jpg]

i heard that Joey won 2nd place in a racing competition
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Was she racing her cats?

Don't dig the fiat.

Wouldn't mind cruising in that Porsche though :p
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
I love her new one Big Grin Except for the random colours (I'd like it better if it was completely white). The front of it looks so cute and face-like. Big Grin
And I like that little black one in the middle - except I don't think it's very special.

She had a motorbike? She raced?
i like fiats but i don't like the convertible, the orange is fine, but the top? no.
KALAFINA!! FictionJunction!! Keiko!!
Keiko wanted to jump me at the autographing! 10.03.07 Kalafina remembers me!! 10.08.06
Chihara Minori wished me a Happy Birthday!!! 10.10.08 Minorin's concert was so short!! 10.10.09
STEREOPONY AIMI SOOOOO CUTE~~ 11.04.24 Keiko said "daisuki~!" to me 12.07.01
Mizuki Nana looked straight at me and waved! 2012.09.08
Hikaru asked if I went to Kaji Fes. and was surprised to find out I did~ 2013.05.18
Does she ride? Thot she was pretty opposed to her brother getting a bike...
^ i think that might have been for a photo shoot
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
i thought she doesnt know how to ride a motorbike..
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
she rode one of those small ones (if they're called motorbikes at all) in Crazy N the city but she went slow + short distance though lol
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

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