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Joey and fans interview + clip of Sandy forcing her to end it (8/5/2012)
questions and answers are taken from qq weibo:
only the main parts are roughly translated.

will your mandarin album consist of mainly encouragement or love songs?

both, and dance/fast tracks as well. basically everything.

when will it be released?

roughly july

where will u and ur mom go to celebrate mother's day? what present will u give her?

as long as i am with mom, it doesn't matter where we go. i am my mom's present.

can u recommend some songs that u like listening to?

everyday is different, recently i like listening to jason mraz's new album

today is my birthday. can u say happy birthday to me?


do u believe that fate can be controlled? or does destiny decide one's fate? what is "at the right moment"'s real meaning?

there is only one thing that can be controlled in this world, and that is to work hard to prepare yourself.

right now, do u face any situation in a present moment state? in your eyes, what is the definition of a right moment? if u were to go back 12 years in your singing career, would u have this same attitude?

"right moment" means that i am reading your question right now, and i am also answering it right now? aren't u happy?

what tactics will u use for the promotion of the new album in taiwan? i look forward to u coming here to do some live shows at such venues as the legacy and the wall.

i will! i will go to taiwan! wait for me! i want to perform at these two places, i have already secretly looked into it!

your elementary classmate wong cho lam said that he won u in a singing competition. is that true?

yes. he was accepted into the hk children's choir that i really wanted to join at the time. dont u think that life is so interesting?

why did u choose "right moment" to be your first plug?

the music is very suitable for a first plug, the atmosphere is good, and i can imagine that the mv will be very sceneful.

when u have "negative energy" what will u do to let it out?

i will cry.

i want to give u a present. what kind of presents do u like?

i dont want u guys to spend a lot of money. saving money is hard. if u guys support me i will be happy!

why did Diva choose to film in guangzhou?

because it has many beautiful sceneries.

how do u relax when you're stressed?


from your first mando album till now, it has been 10 years. what is your fav mando album?

tanya chua's 《無底洞》 and khalil fong's orange moon.

do u play we chat? with who?

yes! i like to group chat. it is open to fans, search for me! my id is joey-yung or 容祖儿

when are u getting married?

i want to marry tomorrow

is khalil writing another song for u?

yes, u are smart!

singing and acting, which one is harder?

of course acting.

no need for words, support u till the end!
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got it! thanks!

which is your best mando song?

i like 〈明天愛誰〉love who tomorrow、〈謝謝你愛我〉thanks for loving me、〈一個人的情歌〉one person's love song and 〈流沙〉flowing sand

do u have song that u will never forget?

same as u, 流沙 flowing sand because it is a happy song with a kind of remotely helpless feeling

pumpkin jojo (musical director of hocc's butterfly lovers i think): do u want to do a musical?

i really want to do a musical with u! when? when? when? when?

EEG: why is Joey x sa x gill called dragon tiger leopard?

because it sounds impressive!

pete yeung: will u have a canto album this year?

not telling. a mando album is for sure.

kelvindad: in which aspect did roman tam have the most profound influence on u?

being serious [in your work] (ying jan) and aiming for perfection

are there any mainland china newcomers that u admire?

chapman to

hocc: what is ur name?

ivana wong

magcheung: when are we going for a drink, my diva?

it's time for a bbq!

support u forever

[Image: 2000]

your collection is complete!

how long did it take to record this album?

don't know, i haven't finished recording yet

when will u have long hair?

still growing it out

how did u sing this song well?

i want to know too

the chance of having my question answered is too low! i wont ask

just saw u [ur question] at the right moment, ask now

was it your dream to be a singer when u were little?

didnt even think about it

are u happy right now?

a bit tired

do u read fans' weibo pages?

always, really!

is there a fanclub meeting this yr?

yes, sept 29 in hk

will there be a premiere of diva in mainland china?


mani: long time no see! do u miss me?

still ok (in mandarin)

which male singer do u most admire?


can't find u on we chat, dunno why

u have to search my name in simplified characters

how do u lose weight?

dont eat food with starch at night

wilfred lau: which wilfred song is ur fav

definitely 髒話阿七

[Image: 2000]

sandy forces Joey to end the 1 hour interview:
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Jason Mraz album is good. Minus the awful title :p
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
Thanks for the translation sb!

lol some of her answers are pretty hilarious.
haha this is cool lol.

Thanks for translating SB!
translation complete! i skipped 2 questions that dont matter so they dont count

the most low b answer has got to be:

"right moment" means that i am reading your question right now, and i am also answering it right now? aren't u happy?
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Lmaoooooo! Cute!
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
Haha, these chats are fun to read!
"today is my birthday. can u say happy birthday to me?


<3 Joey ahahaha
[Image: jjsig3.jpg]
^ hahaha. That one made me laugh for so long. These are so funny and cute.
And I loved this:
"how do u relax when you're stressed?
eat!" Tongue

Thanks for the translations Big Grin
Joey must not be stressed very often then Rolleyes haha
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

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