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Ask JG Team Forum Rules
Ask JG Team Forum

Any technical problems or feedback about JoeyGalaxy goes in here.


1. Try to stay on topic
Going off topic is tolerated but please consider other members who would have to go through 8 pages of posts before they could post.

2. Try to keep this forum SPAM FREE
This means no posts containing one word answers or a smiley. Try to keep the forum free of personal conversations. If you need to ask members personal questions, you can PM them or IM them.

3. Please be friendly and respectful towards other members. JG is a friendly forum where you are free to express your opinion as long as you consider other people?s thoughts and feelings.

4. If you make a mistake in your post, don't post again. Please use the edit option.

5. When you start a thread, it is important that you use correct punctuation to keep the forum looking neat. Please use capital letters at the appropriate time and try not to use slang when posting the title of a thread.

If any of the above rules are broken, the moderators will delete/edit the posts/threads.
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