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Error 406 Thread Cannot Open
Hi moderators..

i just translated the Flower and Tree song but then i wanted to go back and edit the title because i found out what the translated title was...but then i couldnt go into that thread.

a message that said Error 406 HTTP showed up...

can someone help me? please?:bow:
hi, welcome to the forum! i don't know why u can't enter the thread but i've changed the title for u. if u edit titles with chinese characters in them, the changes eill not show up properly in the list of active threads.
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
Welcome taylor! Thanks for your contributions already, much appreciated!!

So you can't open the thread at all? Can you please try again?

It seems fine for everybody else since there are already replies in the thread~
^thanks raybie. it works thru this link.

spoiledbrat, yeah! i did that! i used chinese characters and i think thats i wanted to change it to Flowers and Trees because it sounded more accurate.

It's great to have a new forum member who's able to help out with translating duties! haha How long have you been a Joey fan, Taylor, and how did you become a fan in the first place?

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