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[request] MVs
I have recently gotten back into Joey and her music but sadly enough, due to a harddrive crash all of my data was lost. Therefore, I am trying to rebuild it now.
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with download links for her MVs? if so that would be really nice and highly appreciated.
Hasi, sorry to hear about your harddrive crash, hope your problem is now completely solved.

Have you tried using a program called YouTube Downloader that allows you to download clips from YouTube? You can find it here and this will allow you to download any Joey MV you can find on YouTube.

I also happened to recently post a link to the "Midnight" MV in the thread here.

Good luck with rebuilding your Joey MV collection, Hasi! Smile
I actually didn't think of it. thank you a lot rsung Smile
yes, it will take a bit until I can rebuilt everything.

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