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[Video Request] Olympic Gold Medalists HK Stadium Show 9/7
thanks newbs Big Grin when they said that that other girl didn't sing too well, they never lied afterall Rolleyes
loll ur nice phil

but yeah she was a little shaky there Confusedcared:
[Image: Wayne.png]
[Image: AirCityBanner.gif]
she was just nervous....and the nervous added more when she gets to sing with her idol...u can't blame her
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
Thanks so much newbie! You're the best!
iLuVtianLiang Wrote:Thanks so much newbie! You're the best!
yeah, newbs is awesome, but now that Jamie is back, hopefully our we can get more new clips of joey! Big Grin
OMG it takeing me like 20 min to open the file, (dial up) man cant wait to get cabel.
and thanx newbie you tha best!!!
yay Jamie is back!!! so happy!!!
welcome back!!!!
Thank you newbs for upload the file for us to see. Thank you thank you :grin: :grin: :lol1:

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