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Joey brings life to a song
lol! sounds coool newbs
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LOL newbs...aww how old were u? in year 12??
i guess i managed to force people to listen to joey... whether they like it or not...another story *RE*
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it was in year 11! haha.. the teacher was cool to let us choose any topic for our presentations! Big Grin
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that must be a very fun project to work on

well...all my friends think that joey is a great singer...but they still think she dosen't look good....once...when i was singing crying show up concert version at of my friends said...her hair looks so nice...but then added a bagging comment on her looks...and in mind i was like wtf

anyways...i already stop trying to convince them that joey isn't ugly...atleast i manage to get joey into their top list of singers after lending my show up concert dvd to my friends...

omg..i just realize im off toppic...LOL
back to it

yes...joey can really bring out the emotional that the song is suppose to be betrayal, whenever i hear it...i feel betrayal and pride, i can feel the pride and confidence...crying, i can feel the sadness and being played feeling...i better stop here,because i will just keep on going
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we love joey~!

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