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Joey brings life to a song
i was just talking to a friend recently.. and he commented on joey's singing after he heard the song "crying"..

"mannn im repeating the song sooo much.... the speakers will get sick of it b4 i when i liked kelly...... she didnt bring out as much taste.....each word joey sings out has a soul.... kelly needs a sentence to bring out the soul...lollll....but kellys still cool...hahaah

and man i use to think only evanescence and eminem can bring out the true emiotion out..... but joey brings LIFE to the song... its like... we are actually experiencing the pains shes in within the song....."

haha.. dont u guys all agree? Rolleyes

and this friend used to HATE joey too.. but somehow he changed his mind this year.. prob influence from me.. and especially after he went to the joey concert! he said the concert was awesome! Big Grin

its good to see that ppl around u who once disliked joey are starting to like her too! :love: are ur friends like that too?
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Yes !!! i influenced around 2-3 ppl so far....most people just think im crazy but they like her...just not to the extent that i do

and yeah i think the part where joey brings a song to life is sooo true especially when you see and hear her sing live....she just makes the whole atmosphere so real
stuck in 2004, be back in 10 minutes
#3 one hated joey but they just didn't like her. but then everyone arund me has got their minds washed and now, THEY LOVE HER!
FRIENDS??? im friendless Sad wanna be my friend? nah..JK...i DO have friends just none are Joey's fans Rolleyes Kelly and Sammi are more popular here...and most just listen to american music..BLEH...
i used to can talk to my nephew abt Joey but now he's addicted to Bernice Liu >.< that lil when it comes to Joey, im a loner :bawling: U GUYS R LUCKY!!
bernice liu?? whole family thinks that she's so ugly. saying she looks like a man more...sigh...but her acting is really kinda stiff
i only managed to influence my friend to at least buy her cd instead of dling it... but that's about it Confusedhifty:
lol i influenced a few ppl, woohoo
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influence ppl that they should listen to her voice and not pay attention to her looks...
damn i suck..i managed to make people dislike joey..but they suck anyway...i have friends in class who just go for they aren't really worthy to be joey fan!!

i guess i got one friend to stop dissing joey...weird people!! how can people not like joey!
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ohh..u just suck! ur a bad promoter... never ever take marketing van haha..

but yea.. nearly the whole class in HS knew that i liked joey! cause once i did my presentation on joey haha.. so gay.. but now thinking about was pretty funny..i basically took my whole truckload of collection to school... and ppl in class were like..:eek: soo much! what a freak! but yea.. i got an A+ for my presentation haha.. and yeah..after class.. ppl were saying joey looks really hot! and then i started to bring my mags to school.. my friends liked looking at the mags..eventho they were westerns! haha.. but they mainly looked at the fashion section Rolleyes
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