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Joey's new movie ticketbox sales...
aww can't really see it

woohoo, gooo joey Big GrinBig Grin
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the old jg had an auto-detector of chinese and would read it in big5 chinese font... you have to manually go to View--> encoding--> big5 traditional chinese Wink
o i hate changing it tho b/c whenever i'm at an english site it's all weird

too lazy Confusedleep:
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HEY! dates great! about 700000 in jus a few days, i think it will make it to ATLEAST 500000o, i am guessing 7 million! but hey, its onli been a few days, 1000000 is still possible! haha, and think about it, its JOEY, Cantopop queen, and LAU CHING WAN, film king wor!
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HEY guys, we have the latest movie boxoffice results!

Joey's movie, after 6 days has $2.91 million! Big Grin

1 ?s????G?? 132?U 52 10 ?@ 1535?U ?@
2 ??????B?? (The Terminal) 79?U 26 11 ?@ 846?U ?@
3 2046 51?U 38 6 ?@ 383?U ?@
4 ?????Q 46?U 32 6 291?U ?@
5 ?F???h?M??????@?? 36?U 30 6 ?@ 273?U
good news! thx ooo joey
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that's good news!! don't you guys realize that no matter what movie or series she's in, she has the same hairstyle????? funny ain't it?? haha
infernal affairs 3 was not bad...and there's no 4! haha
latest update! after 8 days, Joey's movie is now at $3.46 million! Big Grin as well, for yesterday's ticketsales, Joey's movie was in 3rd spot, even higher than <2046> Big Grin
wow! GO JOEY!!! 3rd place is goood!!
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1st place would be such a good place to obtain ^^" going well Big Grin people are most likely speaking well of it..

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