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JoeyGalaxy's New Layout
I personally like the previous layout more, but this one is not bad either Smile
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rsung Wrote:I've also experienced the 2-second warning that Jay and lt90 mentioned, but it was only once, a few days ago, and it hasn't happened since. Maybe it's because I haven't clicked on different threads in quick succession like I did before?

Trust rsung to use pink for his screenshot Tongue

But yes, I have also experienced it a few days ago and haven't since. But Jiang tells me he's getting it all the time regardless of the 2 second timeframe. Literally sitting there for 20 secs, click, and still get that error.
what happened to the shoutbox?
I mainly get it if I click the 'Last Post' link which normally takes you to the last post on that thread. But if I click on the Forum link before going to the thread I want to read then it's fine.
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i resolved the 2 sec thingy by loading one page.. made sure the page is at least half loaded and that the title actually appears in the tab before opening it.. esp impt when jg is laggy
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Holy moly you have a big-ass monitor rsung!

Jay Wrote:what happened to the shoutbox?

Oh yeah. The chatbox is temporarily disabled as well, because the bots kept requesting a chatbox page.
I tend to prefer the old layout, it was cleaner and easier to read. This current one looks a bit too "busy". And I see two JG header graphics at the top of my screen!
I like this new layout. I voted for "I love it". I like how the news are in the front page.
^ Glad to see that there is ONE person in the forum who LOVES it ahahha. Thanks for the support, Mark!
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I got a bit bored so I tried to make one but it's not that good.
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