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JoeyGalaxy's New Layout
This is rushed, I just wanted to get something working up and running. It's open for changes of course.

I'm aware that the banner is screwed and it'll be fixed eventually.

The type of the threads displayed on the front portal is customizable, and since they are the most accessed, I intend to put NEWS and PICS threads there for convenience and look.

@QOO, yeah I might put the 'top X recent threads' back on the forum page for conveniences sake. However, using the new posts since last visit and today's posts feature are the fastest ways to view new posts.
HAHAH i think i need to get used to it first.. a bit drastic change.. i prefer the top recent threads to be further up the page
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
^ The News section is collapsible. You'll be able to see the Recent Threads with a single click.
^ OOO didnt know that haha =D shall do it now
[Image: Joeybanner183-1.png]
A suggestion: can you make borders so that the CSS is not stretched out. This would solve the stretched banner problem as well as making the layout more tidy.
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But what if I don't want to be Joey's Laptop?

[Image: FiFiBanner2-2.jpg]
sandy714 Wrote:I don't like the new threads showing on the homepage...I'd much rather it be the categories because this is quite confusing...=S

agree with you totally!
press forum top left......
warning.. pressing it will result in the missing of last 15/20 posts..
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

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Thanks for your great work and all your time you've spent on the update, Raybie, it's greatly appreciated! Smile

I like the new colour scheme and, especially, the purple and orange buttons! haha It's good that the page now fills the whole width of the screen, and I like how there's now a filter when viewing the private messages.

Logging in for the first time and seeing the front portal was a bit of a shock, but at least there's the option of going back to the 'forum' view to make it look like the old forum. Personally, I do think the front portal view is a bit vertically-stretched because of the pics that have been posted but, as Raybie mentioned, the news section can be hidden so it isn't a major problem.

I'm not going to vote on the poll just yet because I'll need some time to get used to everything and Raybie might make some further tweaks over the coming days.
i see 2 banners in my screen (17'' LCD) and the shoutbox loads so slow...
layout like the color schemes are pretty cool...just gotta get used to finding where the buttons are...

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