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JoeyGalaxy's New Layout
what are your thoughts about the new layout?

i like that they took away the mono went back to the very first jg layout with the entrance page having many things

the forum actually fits on my 17 inch lcd!!!, but joey's banner is kind of stretched out

the chatbox lags a little, there seems to be no "10 most recent topics" on the actual forum page

the new threads are pictured on the first page...but i think it should be for news only
also, there's no need to put the avatar along with the topic on that same page...just the author would be fine.
[Image: 6t1u6c.jpg]

there's no 10 most recent topics but there IS a 20 most recent topics

(scroll down on the front page)

yeah this does remind me of the old layout from a few yrs ago (i've seen screen shots of them). this new layout will take some time to get used to, as i did with the previous layout
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]
^click forum under the will display all topics. that one doesn't show last 10 or 20 most recent topics
[Image: 6t1u6c.jpg]

I don't like the new threads showing on the homepage...I'd much rather it be the categories because this is quite confusing...=S
yea i agree should be news only
other than that its good!
[Image: 2642_62796802551_501552551_1478181_5204200_n.jpg][url=][/url]
LOL the change was a bit much for me. I was like WOAHHH!!! But I really thank jyf for spending so much time doing this for us ^^

Yeah the banner is stretched. I think I won't mind a bit of white up the top there haha.

Other than that, I like the change.

Oh! The banner is click-able now! YES Big Grin

I think the new layout is pretty refreshing, however everything looks like they're a bit too spread out in my opinion. I guess overall it does allow more information to fit on screen.

I think the banner should be properly rescaled so it doesn't look all pixelated, other than that everything looks good!
[Image: Coolpplse.gif]
QOObrethren Wrote:^click forum under the will display all topics. that one doesn't show last 10 or 20 most recent topics

well who asked you to do something that is different from what others are suggesting, ESPECIALLY since she's given you the answer to your original question

anyway.. this is cool.. just think that the colours are a bit weird.. but at least it's using the whole screen instead of being squashed in the middle in the old one..
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
^lol so true, why is qoo complaining about something we already have o.0

But yeah! Soooo not used to the big empty spots on the left and right sides of the screen....

I sorta like the old one better because it's more simple, but hey! I'm up for anything.
yeap.. changes will give space for improvements.. lol.. but oh yeah.. the threads on the index.. can they be free of pics? cuz it's making the index page quite long..
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:

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