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My flash website
finally finished.... after taking the piss uploading haha, heres the link
are you in the group photo? LOL..
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
yer i am lol
haha nice job and grats that it's up and running.

i know it's not meant to be a pro website but here are my immediate impressions:

1) i have trouble reading and navigating, because the text is way too small - esp on the navigation menu. i strongly suggest you change the font type, color, size and strength to something that's easier on the eyes.

2) there should be stuff on the home page, such as the news *shrugs*

the white and black contrast is too bland, add some colors. i find the mouseover navigation menu with secondary pullout menus a lil annoying, but hey that's flash. heh sorry i don't mean to bash the site, just giving my 2 cents Smile good luck with it!
lol what? It's just a black page with a logo...I can't even see the navigation menu LOL
yeah.. the menu is kinda hard to find.. (at the left) had to scroll all over before it finally popped out..
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
The site works well, did you come up with this yourself? Smile

One minor suggestion, instead of creating that banner/logo out of computer graphics, use photographs cause they're more colourful and stands out. Plus it's gives the customers an idea of what to expect from you.

Another thing, the homepage is blank, that's kind of a waste. You can fill it up with a greeting/announcement-news page.
[Image: 66d5d336gw6de6kbs8w71g.gif]
thanks for all the feedback Smile. my main priority was to get it up and running... now that it's up i'm going to start squeezing all the crap out of the info etc. I'll get right on with your comment Smile. Also can someone tell me how to use meta tags?
your words are hard to read....your font needs to be bigger...and it hink seeing from a couple of pages that its like a teaching/coaching dont need to make it so fancy, the easier to navigate the pages, the's like i have to wait 1 second each time i click on something
[Image: 6t1u6c.jpg]

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