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How many nights do you think joey's concert will be?
well, they gave kelly those awards AT her concert, LOL, that would be interesting....but ya, i thinkthat means less...maybe she'll be doing dat during her breaks....but then i thyink she should rest instead..Sad but xmaz concerts will really get joey a lot of money, which we want right? haha, she should buy like a massage chair for herself
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is EEG joeys record company? Whens the next time joey's coming to australia?
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ya, EEG is joey's record does a good job in promoting artist and getting their artist good songs...but dont grow to like it too much, they make joey work TOO much, LOL

well, i am guessing in 2 yrs..haha cuz she will probably hav a world tour AFTER her HK tour this december
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OMG 2 years!??! i might be over joey by then ...fat chance! lol..
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LOL, haha, I am definately going to see Joey in syd again muahahaha, you can come with me if you want LOL, so you don't sit in a concert all by yourself haha.
hahah 2 years... ==" i thought 4 years LOL.. that reminds me.. kelly is coming to au for a concert this march (according to phil)... and her last concert in au was um.... 2 years ago too ==" but it seems fast tho!

my friend is gonna shout me front seat tick wahahah... thats cause i shouted her a joey concert tick tho ahha..
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