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What do you want Joey to concentrate more in 2005?
ya, i think music is the most important, but joey really has a chance to make EXTRA GOOD AND EXTRA QUALITY music in 2005 ...cuz her next cd is gonna be a compilation, and THEN an album, and that would mean a year between GLAB and her new album, which gives her plenty of time to make good music (and compuilations only have a FEW new songs) jus in time for the coming HK concert around the same time the CD will comeout, and nothing is better in promoting an artists than a concert theme cd that is EXTRA GOOD, followed by a super concert!
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i don't know...EEG might use this time for joey to make a movie or something...i want her to concentrate on music more

but joey did say she is going to work over seas more and she is going to the USA to open her show up concert
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music... we all agree her singing's great already (LoLs) selfishly, i want her to tour... truthfully, i want her to have a little break... not too long tho, she'll jus get bored...
KALAFINA!! FictionJunction!! Keiko!!
Keiko wanted to jump me at the autographing! 10.03.07 Kalafina remembers me!! 10.08.06
Chihara Minori wished me a Happy Birthday!!! 10.10.08 Minorin's concert was so short!! 10.10.09
STEREOPONY AIMI SOOOOO CUTE~~ 11.04.24 Keiko said "daisuki~!" to me 12.07.01
Mizuki Nana looked straight at me and waved! 2012.09.08
Hikaru asked if I went to Kaji Fes. and was surprised to find out I did~ 2013.05.18
she should come to malaysia...
and they should make her go over to china and taiwan and even japan!!
then she can shadow kelly chen and be the next queen!
i want her to take a break in melbourne Rolleyes
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oh! i voted for more world concerts. really hope dat she will come to msia more often and other countries too. to share her music to everyone!
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