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Joey is ultimate Idol of the year for Monday magz
so who won for the male title? hacken?
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ah.. i have that mag too.. hmm.. its right on my table... let me find that page and tell u..

oooo.. theres a page about joey's luck this year.. and it says.. for this year.. joey will be the most luckiest out of all the singers ..and the most unlucky will be sammi Sad poor sammi..

but anyway.. i remember snowy telling us that he heard from the radio that some DJ said joey's luck is from 199x-2004 ....and the rest of the years will not be lucky...BUT in THIS monday mag... the pros say she is going to be lucky in 2005.. her career will continue to be good with non stop work and her love life will be good too.. she will find her true love... hmm.. lets hope she dont LOL jk jk.. i hope she do really find her true love Rolleyes however, she have to take care of her health Sad Sad

o.. theres a page on best dress at metro award show too...

joey's outfit got 8/10 ... the designer said: firstly i have to compliment on joey bringing out the girly feel of that outfit, its really pretty and cool. she carried it out really good and brought out the coolness of it. however, wearing jeans didnt really suit this kind of occasion. overall, her outfit is not grand enough for an award show. if only her jeans were more tighter.. then it would be much better.. but that night's outfit is already good enough.

hocc's outfit got 9/10
miriam's outfit got 5/10
jolin choi 4/10
yumiko 8/10
twins 7/10
gigi 5/10
fiona 4/10 Sad
cookies 8/10
emme 7/10

u guys can go search for the pics of the metro award show hahah..

anyway, i just finally went thru the mag... i couldnt find that voting page LOl.. jeez phil.. i guess it wasnt that issue with hacken and joey.. but for this week's idol voting poll.. joey is no. 1 Big Grin with 1,201,000 votes... 2nd is kelly and 3rd is twins... as for guys.. its stephen chow no.1 :eek: how did that happen? LOL... and 2nd came daniel wu... ooo baby.. he should be no.1!! >.< and 3rd comes andy lau...booooo LOL

and mentioning about mags and andy lau.... u guys have to get this week's tvb mag! its joey andy and kelly as cover!! cooool... im gonna go get it 2moro! Big Grin
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lol...newbs...u only remember half of what i said

the radio said that joey had this 10 year luck...which was from 1994-2004...they also said that joey hasen't reached her highest popularity or luckness..i fogot...anyways...what it means is..joey will get way more popular in the future

and can someone post some pics from the metro award show??
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