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Magz says crhk903 awards was jibbed and unfair
i don't know...she doesn't seem like she mind...
but she didn't really look happy that night...i've seen her before on other show...and she likes to smile...but she didn't smile at all on that night's appearence and performance

and i didn't know y she was standing on the side...she wasen't standing on the star platform too...and andy and didi didn't look at each other when they sang the song i think...
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They only looked at each other for 15 seconds of the song, hmm well all those speculations u just made, we won't know the case behind it until we talk to didi, which is like... never Confusedweating:
hmm i was kinda surprise dat joey only gt 1 award for e most popular song thingy... and it's like in 9th place... i think she had done better than dat... and miriam should have won instead of cheapy andy hui.....
lol aggressive first post!!!! :eek:
welcome to JG by the way~~ i am Pand4 as u can see on da left~~ :bang:

anywayz~~ the reason that Joey didnt get lots of awards is coz the awards are given out based on the number of times tat the song was played~~ tho Joey do have a lot of good songs @ the end this year~~ ther was a period of time that Joey has no songs being play @ all... tatz like june or july i think?? and @ the end of the year~~ when her songs are played it becomes "joey's song killin joey's song"~ tatz y the overall number times of being play is lessen for every single song...
Lolz crhk didn't favour miriam AFTER the year miriam got gold. She was favoured like in year 1999 too, and the only reason she got gold was cuz she was being favoured cuz everywhere else, she wasn't getting any good results. Funny thing is that for the most beloved male/female artists that year, instead of voting from the audience, it was like an a vote from avg hk people. The most popular artists were Sammi, Kelly, Faye, Anita, then Joey. (even joey beat miriam popularity yr 2000 :eek: i remember i was so happy about that ) Miriam being GOLD female artist, didn't even make it to top 5. Rolleyes Obviously, crhk awards didn't always mean reality of popularity Rolleyes
I think it is just unfair to measure winners like that, what if some artist came out with a cd in this period and had like five singles and some only have one while others may not even have songs released, so this way to mesure award winners just seem.....unfair? I guess

And the Andy thing, cheap move, but sometimes these things are just rumours and they spread and people start taking these things as facts (unless of course someone has already proven this as a fact) but I won't rule out the fact that this world has people like that
well, it IS fact that miriam's song was played more than andy's. they have a list on of the top 15 songs and the # of times each were played. Andy's song is 26 times less than miriam's.

As well to this, Andy's song came out with some 4 other remixes to get more playing rate... all i can say is cheap
You can't say its a rumour when you hear the song Rolleyes and how it is insisted on being promoted.
man~~ y r we still on abt the andy thing...~~ poor andy :therethere: no wonder sum mei said such thing when he gave away the award Confusedweating:
OMG, stupid mag! i hope they dont say anything if joey wins TVB cuz joey has been doing better than miriam in TVB (i think)...and TVB's award is also on overall results and joey defintely did better cuz of her album sales and POPULARITY! and u dont see fans booing joey wen she won, cuz joey deserved that, its just that CRHK was cheap through out the year!
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