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Joey's New Album - Autumn 2004
oooo! guess wut guys, has the full tracklist! and the release date is now earlier and will be released on october 8 2004! This CD has 18 tracks, 10 songs, 7 preludes,and a 30 secs version of the theme song for the flu medicine commercial (i bet that the flu medicine song is gonna be very good cuz the last time there was a 30 secs version of a song, it was my pride in like joey 2). And also, the extra dvd comes with ALOT of things! 5 MVS and 2 specials, one on the photo album, and the other on the shooting of the album cover! cant wait!
Cd releases always get not surprised.
Destruar, make sure you buy a copy for me!!! Rolleyes
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]
Errrr yeah.. sure I'll buy a 2nd copy Rolleyes Rolleyes for myself, one for the car one for home Rolleyes err I could really only tell you where to buy it when it is available LOL, don't think I should spend too much.

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