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Joey's New Album - Autumn 2004
Aw Joey's CD is delayed to October 15, 2004 now. >_< Nooo
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Noooo, this sucks, I was looking forward to buying it at Yes Asia with my order with the Twins Effects 2, guess I have to buy it at Chinatown Cry
Gosh I forgot to log in now it appears as Guest
I was ready for this delay... I knew it was going to be delayed... lets hope it doesn't delay like the last albums that were delayed ><
anymore new songs up?
otherthan fun sun suet
whats the song in 'sun giu yuk guai'? is that the name of the song too?? it sounds goooooood!
hhmm...............guess we'll hafta wait a few more weeks after the releasing dat of her album jaymee. better save up from now! but the imported version.
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shes released another 2 songs too... but i havent listened to them yet.
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Boo, just got be patient.
awww! that suxs! i was getting so excited too! if it gets delayed again, i will be sooooo mad! haha, why do they keep delaying! but i was kinda expecting this, they dont even have like the tracklists and stuff, but maybe it would comeout earlier, i mean lonely portrait came out like 5 days earlier!
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