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903 Awards Presentaion results!!
omg omg~~ it works..IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! woohoo :gaydance:

thanx des! Big Grin
Heh, good on ya, enjoy it Wink
What in the world is my Joey wearing? So hippy!! Sexy hair JOEYY!!!! ahh so hot
and Joey looks like those tall..but cute as well!!!

Haha gillian has a nice back and charlene looks evil!!

What on earth is Miriam wearing??? Looks like she stole 20 grannys' jumpers and sewed it together..ewwww ...and she looks weird there where near as hot as my Joey

Poor Fiona...I am glad she was wearing underwear *RE* but that's still so embarassing...dw she'll live
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
I finished watching half of the 903 music awards from this minute on.

I have to say, this award show is very exciting to watch, can't believe Joey only got 9th position in the top 10 songs award thing ==" ah well, Joey has worked very hard and the recognition she is getting these years and for sure the following years is well deserved.

I have to comment, F.I.R had a brilliant performance, the singer of the group (forgot her name) is a good performer Big Grin

And as for Fiona Sit, she deserves every award that she got that night of the 903 awards, seriously, I'm glad she got her awards, ahhh it was touching when she was crying when she won that gold award.
hahaa.. actually.. i thought the award show was a bit plain.. the settings and stuff.. and even the DJs.. compared to like 2002-03.. it was more exciting and colourful.. and HAPPY! this year's one is all white =="

yea FIR are good.. they sang good and they are nice to that fan haha.

and GO MY RELO!! yea i reckon she deserved all the awards she got that night too.

now watch part b, des haha
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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YAY, GO JOEY!!! grrr...903 is so biased with Miriam, joey should hav been gold and miriam should have got silver...but atleast joey won the live one, haha! and how is instant breakup 9th? some of these songs i never even heard of!!! but owell...three awards is pretty good already, haha some people didnt even get one (like gigi)!!! but the results between metro and 903 is pretty different compared to last year...maybe of the competition...but JOEY will win the Most Popular Female Singer! TVB is dec 8, right?

and can someone upload joey's part if its not too "ma fan", my BT is retarded, haha, thxs
[Image: jjsig3.jpg]
YAY! i'm almost done with the files!! :dance:

gonna get to watch Joey soon! woohoo...and TWINS~lol
Part b is almost done for me too, then I watch AGAIN from Part A Big Grin

Yeah I agree with you newbs, 903 of the past was more colourful, BUT, the atmosphere created by the DJs was still very good, especially the parts with the fans giving out the awards, it was great seeing FIR and their fan Big Grin

As for uploading of joey's part only, well I could cut out most bits except for Joey's part but... I upload at the speed of 13kb/s only >< that is so slow LOL.
oo, thxs, i can't wait to see!!!
[Image: jjsig3.jpg]
Sorry Blah! I can't split the 903 Music Awards vid, I've tried every method I know with rmvb splitters and they all say they can't initialise the file, so bascially I can't do anything... maybe someone else can, sorry again!

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