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903 Awards Presentaion results!!
OH YEAH... mushroom head girl's name is YAN haha.. forgot.. i told u i dont rem much newcomer names heheh... annd silver for composer + singing singer award is eric kwok.. i rem now.. from looking at the actualt results Rolleyes

LOL... flying man is called acrobats ==" adobe acrobat reader... Rolleyes

OMG.. wat pervs!! my relo tripped over.. and they took a shot of her undies ==" stupid pervs! Confusedhame:

oh.. leo's speech was really touching.. the DJ started off talking..he said... as THIS award touches this person's hands.. he will immedietly start crying.. then he walked down the stage.. kept talking.. and go to leo.. hey can u help me hold this first (award).. and then kept talking.... blah blah... leo was crying so hard down there.. full on tears LOL

then yeah.. leo got on stage and said (still crying)... last year whenever i go on stage.. i had no confidence at all.. i always thought no one would look at me sing... everyday i got home.. i would be unhappy.. my parents asked why i was unhappy.. but i was scared to tell them...and they would always see me sitting alone in the room and would ask me wats happening. im sorry to let u worry... blah blah.. u have to watch it to find it touching hahha..
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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I'm downloading the 903 award show right now Big Grin
oooo PM me the link ahha
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

Help JG earn commission by ordering Joey albums on YesAsia via this link
LOL, I have to finish downloading to make sure its the one, but yeah you can find on
#25 works for u?!??! how come its not working me!!! nor the Hacken and Joey Live :banghead:
LOL yeah its working perfectly for me, what client you using? I'm using BitComet... anyway...

right now 8 seeders and 40 peers Big Grin
omg..stop rubbing it in Confusedweating:

btw, im using BTORNADO~~it works fine for the other torrents just not Joey's! :bite:

I recommend using bit comet because it can read files with chinese in it without any problems, bittornado has a problem with encoding other than alphanumeric encoding :bang:
heyy..i dled this before cos it looked pretty~haha but then i didnt kno how to use it so i deleted it Rolleyes..loll
Well its the best one to use when it comes to multi-lingual downloading Rolleyes

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