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903 Awards Presentaion results!!
Here is a complete list of the winners:
903 Awards 2004

The best newcomer group GOLD award winner was FIR not Ping Pung. Just a little difference I noticed...the website could be wrong too.

MAD that Jay didn't get any awards. And I DO NOT think Miriam should have gotten GOLD for the female singer award....that's not fair!

Hmmm, I don't really like Joey's outfit very much.....I like it when she puts her hair back in a sleek pony tail....she looks more mature and pretty that way. I don't like it when she wears really big dresses and stuff too....I think she should more simple outfits.
omg newbs...mushroom head girl...LOL i cant stop lol-ing on that one :lol:
funny newbs..yes funny :yesyes:


anyways....CONGRATS TO JOEY!! :gaydance: but omg...edison's song topped joey's?!?! :eek: man..thats just totally gay-ness Confusedweating:

and miriam gots more award than joey's...oh boooo Rolleyes

but happy for Leo that he got the award...Big Grin

ooo..gillian's voice is cute tho...very soft and kiddish..:baby:

woohoo...gooo FIR...they ARE goood! :rock:

oh wat the? how the hell Jaycee Fong got a bronze? sorry, but the dude shouldnt even be up there! :bubblegum:

oh yeah...gooo newbs's relo! :champagne:

OMG!! i cant dl the 903 awards like i've been cursed from dling Joey's stuff... lately...all the files involving Joey...i CANT NOT dl! WHY JOEY WHYYY???? >.< :banghead:
To be honest i am also a miriam fan.. however i do not think she deserved the award for best female singer as much as Joey does..
I liked her electric girl album but when choosing a best female singer shouldn't you choose someone with the best singing ability/quality instead of an great album? I do not get why Kelly gets third place...really..

[Image: entx301.gif]..
According to this chart joey is still in the lead...
lets hope she wins the TVB best female award again.. what do you guys think?

Some pics of the award show

[Image: 02ea7pnew.jpg]
[Image: 02ea17p.jpg]
[Image: 02ea3p.jpg]
[Image: 02ea14p.jpg]

Fiona's embarassing moment
[Image: 02ea10p.jpg]
Gillian's back
[Image: 02ea19p.jpg]
Yeah congrats Joey, yeah we knew Joey had no chance to get gold cause of miriam's influence with 903. Silver is VERY good.

Ah, Leo, hard work pays off, his return has definately brought him a lot of popularity in the awards department.

Actually, I've never heard any group artists LOL.... except for ping pungs one love and hate album. So can't make a judgement there.

BUT yes, go Joey and her most loved female singer award, she always gets that award, which proves that peoples love for her can't be false.

By the way, flying man by hacken lee, the english translation isn't flying man, its acrobats Rolleyes don't ask me why, thats the official translation LOL.
what do I think?? hrmm...of course i and all of joey's fans want Joey to win the tvb female award! and i think SHE WILL Big Grin Big Grin

lol~is miriam going thru some stomache pain or something? or is she crying or laughing? Rolleyes

oh my bajesus! joey does looks extra EXTRA tall there Confusedweating: look like she's standing on some sticks -__-' man~ just her legs alone are taller than me :baby: and she's looking alittle african-ish there but still hot tho Big Grin that...a leopard undies Fiona is wearing?? loll...dude~~thats soo embarassing...poor newbs's relo.. :laugh: haha
lol, leopard is so kinky!

mushroom haircut? I hate those! damnit haha just like kingdom yuen in VOH2
[Image: Wayne.png]
[Image: AirCityBanner.gif]
ooo...kinky-ness...just the way u like it :naughty:

hahaha..kingdom hair man Confusedweating: they always called her mushroom head or something like that in VOH2..loll...and wats up with her and yellow clothes...look like a friggin banana Confusedweating: but she's funny Big Grin
SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! haha u kink queen

why do ppl have to have mushroom hair? haha *RE*
[Image: Wayne.png]
[Image: AirCityBanner.gif]
Joey didnt win anything big this yr... but thats weird cos she has much more hits than miriam has.
everyone was crying.. even me . i think leo ku's speech was so touching i was crying a river.
love him so much!
i think ada choi had a mushroom cut when she was little...haha

why mushroom? maybe they like mushrooms and wanna look like one? loll

what did Leo said thats so touching?? i cant dl the 903 awards..Confusedweating:

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