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903 Awards Presentaion results!!
CONGRATS JOEY!! she got 3 awards in total....

1. Top 9 song - Instant Breakup -_-"
2. Female Singer Award - Silver =="
3. Most Loved Female Singer YAYYY!!

anyway.. here are the results for the whole awards show.. i am just remembering from the top of my head.. so yea.. i will forget names.. esp the new comers Rolleyes

Top 10 Songs...

1. Mei Jung But Jook - Andy Hui (featuring didi yip)
2. Small City, Big Events - Miriam
forgot order for the following....

Flying Man (LOL) - Hacken Lee
Big Bear/Daai Hung - Leo Ku
Jade Theatre - Anthony Wong

6. Keana Reeves Reply - Fiona Sit .... YAY!! go my RELO!!
7. totally forgot who *EDIT* ohhhh now i rem!! its Telling You - JACKY CHEUNG.... omg.. how can i forget SUCH thing! but i dont think it was number 7... prob number 4 lol
8. HK Place - Edison Chen -_________-"
9. Instant Breakup - JOEY
10. dunno the song name - Anthony Wong (featuring some guy haha)

New Achivers Award.......
Gold - Jade Kwan
Silver - Deep Ng
Bronze - Fiona Sit .....yay!! go again!

Newcomer Female Awards.......
Gold - Fiona Sit .......GO fiona!!
Silver - Ella Koon
Bronze - girl with that mushroom head lol

Newcomer Male Awards.......

Gold - Wilfred Lau
Silver - Endy Chow
Bronze - Jaycee Fong .... o.O?

Newcomer Group Awards.......

Gold - Ping Pung
Silver - F.I.R .... i love them now! they are so nice!
Bronze - I Love You Boy'z .... lollll aiy

Best Music Company Awards

again and again... it still goes to EEG! YAY! go joey!!!... and other singers too.. Rolleyes

*EDIT* Singing + Composing Singer Awards
Silver - forgot.. but it was def not nic or gigi lol
Bronze - Hacken Lee

Best Album + Producer Awards (for that album)

xx waan ying - Miriam Yeung :eek: didnt kno she produced that album.. pretty good man.. but i wasnt happy that she got it LOL.

Composer + Lyricist Awards

Composer - Mark Lui
Producer - Mark Lui
Editor (damn.. i forgot the right word for it lol) - Mark Lui
Lyricist - Wyman Wong... YAY!! its not lum jik for ONCE

Best Group Awards

Gold - Twins ........ gillian was really cute.. she couldnt stop crying + laughing haha.. and kept on nudging charlene to say something! LOL
Silver - At17
Bronze - F.I.R

Best Female Singer

Gold - Miriam Yeung =="
Silver - JOEYYY... woohoo!
Bronze - KELLY CHEN!! ... too bad she didnt rock up cause she was helding her concert of 10 shows Sad

Best Male Singer

Gold - Leo Ku ..... im happy for him.. and it was a touching scene! couldnt stop crying.. and i mean CRYING :bawling: lolll...made me have tears too -_-" *sob*
Silver - Andy Hui .... kinda had teary eyes too
Bronze - Edmund Leung .... WAS going to have teary eyes...

(OMG.. wth.. all the males had tears.. and all the female had NO tears LOL)

Most Loved Female Singer (Live Vote)

JOEY YUNG OF COURSE!!! .....i was SOOO happy!! and when they were announcing the heart was beating a little faster than usual Rolleyes .... but joey only won miriam by like.. 150-200 votes.. it was a pretty close match... joey didnt cry when she was thanking ppl.. but when she was singing.. towards the middle.. she kinda cried a bit.. but tried really hard to stop it... and she did eventually haha.

Most Loved Male Singer (Live Vote)

Leo Ku again! he deserves it.. the whole audience was so supportive! he had the most screams..

Most Loved Song (Live Vote)

OI YU SING (Love and something) - LEO KU...AGAIN! lol... good song.. he deserved it. no competion there.. he won all the other songs by HEAPS lol

....the end....

in conclusion... the winner of the night were miriam and leo with 4 awards each Angel

and also.. joey is so slim man... she looked like a stick -_-" but looked EXTRA tall! still very hot tho! haha.. :yesyes:
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GOOO Joey! Thanks for the news newbs

I don't know if Miriam deserved that gold best female singer award.. lol
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typical HK awards...gotta share the awards!! can't give it all to one person =.=
loll.. 903 awards are mostly based on number of broadcasts on the radio.. not really like sharing awards.... but then again.. 903 favours miriam lol. those DJs play a lot more miriam songs than any other artists
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so cheap!! is!
WoW kool JOey won 3 awards which puts her well in the lead, if I'm not wrong, dam Joey didnt win Best Female that sucks. But Newbs I didnt get the part you said
newbie123 Wrote:. towards the middle.. she kinda cried a bit.. but tried really hard to stop it... and she did eventually haha.

so did she manage to stop crying or start? I'm confuse as always lol, Aww Gillian sounds so cute , I cant wait to watch the show :o
oh.. she WAS about to cry.. cause her voice was changing as she was singing.. but then she held it back in.. loll.. and i forgot to mention... TVB cut the LAST CHORUS! arghhh >.< :angry: povo tvb with their commercials lol


and yea.. twins were really funny.. before gillian even went up stage to get award.. she was already crying down there haha.. and then on the stage... charlene FINALLY realised she was crying.. then she was like...ahh.. dont cry la! i dont kno wat to do if u cry.. haha.. and gillian kept on making those crying + laughing sounds.. then the DJ said.. gillian.. keep doing that sound.. u would def get a lot of donations for the tzunami wave ==" shouldnt be joking about it..but it was funny LOL.. ah, u gotta watch it to kno what im crapping on about hahha
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where do u ppl watch this thing -_-
mushroom head girl? do you mean Yan Ng? i so love her, shes the best new female singer since joey Big Grin
Thanks for the info..I wanna watch this.
Hey Newbs..are they going to replay this on Jadeworld? Like today? If not I am going to go kill someone!

Awww I love seeing Joey cry! And she looks extra hot?? WAHHH BONUS!!!!
Omg..someone go kill that Miriam!! Argh!! And Gayboy but then...Joey can't get the male awards anyway. STILL!

How in the world did gay Edison's song rank higher than Joey?? That's gay man!

Joey must look like a hot stick..awww.

LOL Charlene sounds cute..what a dodo.
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