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come to toronto!! she said she likes toronto >.<...
she had a concert there in 2003! lucky lucky msian fans!! >.<
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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#13 msian fans and now they get to see her fair!! >.<

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....Joey should come to USA! she said she was coming...its not good to disappoint fans Confusedhame: so JOEY! COME TO USA!! COME COME la.. :baby:
Its like msia gets exposure every year now :bang:
cant wait ! any details???
omg hahaha i thought genting was a word... -_-''

haha then i finally read it and it was in slow so slow..
stuck in 2004, be back in 10 minutes
ahaha...still the same old dodo rain Rolleyes

for me~i didnt even see the word GENTING until u pointed it out..loll
man! van is so evil!
i mite b goin to the concert with jaymee, newbs. but i'm not sure about jamie though.
but so far...........they havent post it up in genting's web. under the entertainment section.............they posted up the activities for the month of jan and feb only. so maybe u guys can check it out from time to time.
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