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International fanclub
i was looking through my CDs and i found a sign up application for Joey international fanclub...
i wonder if anyone is in it...
it cost about $120? or something to sign up and stuff...
tell me detail plz! what do u do or get...
the international fanclub is in english/chinese o.o..

no one? o.o..i guess i need to wait for panda -_-..he knows everything!
It Costs $120 HK to sign up, basically you get info on what Joey is doing and if your in HK you get to be with the fans club as it goes to the functions and venues Joey is at. You can also get a JY Fans Club jacket, erm as for chinese/english I think you can get info in english too.
no monthly charge? they just mail stuff to u? -o-..
No no monthly charge, the fee covers one full year. As for distribution, its either mailing or via email as well, as most fan clubs go about.
w00t!!! i thought i have already gone over it in another thread :gaydance:

o wellz Tongue me and rain are in da fans club~~ therz a lot of benifit if u r in HK~~ i mean u geta go to most of the Joey events for free~ VIP seats~~ fotos from other fans that are pro photographor~~~ become muscular holdin up signs day and night~~ get to see Joey a lot and even have dinner wiv her~~ :disco: but then if u r oversea~~ therz basically NOTHIN for u @ all :bang: and yeh it is $120 per year~~ if u can afford payin $10 extra therz an extra card wiv Joey on it Big Grin
do they send u stuff with joey autograph? i want one T__________T
o panda...sicne u sign up in HK...once u go back to aus..u still get mail?
dunno yet~~~ leader said he will try to work stuff out wiv EEG or wateva :baby: he is such a nice guy!!!!! $130 hk per year is all worth it
panda should be leader -_-...go go go
GK Wrote:panda should be leader -_-...go go go

lol~~ nah i am always busy sleepin Confusedleep: i will leave it to newb Angel but then ther aint anythin for us to do in aus anywayz :bang:
hmmm leader is soo cool and so nice ... its so good representation of joey fans, he is the ultimately cool leader and joey fans....

hehe i sound like im in love...infact im really not but i just have to say the joey fanclub leader is soooo coooooooool....

haaha im crazy....he even rang me and pand4 to wish us a good trip and a goodbye and stuff....

man yeah hehehe
stuck in 2004, be back in 10 minutes

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