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[25-12-04] Joey @ Openin of Suzi Tokyo
merry xmas everyone!!! :disco: today is da 25th~~ Joey along wiv the whole EEG went to host da openin of this suzi tokyo~:clap: ~ wellz da Joey fans club was ther late~ :banghead: ~ so all da good spot were taken~Confusedweating:~ panda in de end have to climb up this BIG rock~ and lean to da tree to take fotos~ and those twins fans are swingin their signs like crazy~ :curse: ~ anywayz~~ the whole process was short~~ they have these bunch of randoms playin da drums wiv twins and boys~~ then all of em come out to take fotos... it was only like 30 min... then they went inside for dinner~~ :baby: since twins ppl are wavin their signs like crazy and panda is gettin old hence have shaky hands... he only got 3 fotos wat-so-eva

after me and rain had dinner we went bak ther to wait for Joey~~ we stood ther for 2 hrs and we heard those security that she left from another door :bite: ... damn... Joey is juz too popular :laugh1: lol while waitin i almost had a fight wiv this uncle~~ :fuming: fkn XO tryin to start me :boxing:
ahaha! sun fu lei la Rolleyes but hk fans are so restless with the supporting... and omg.. joey looks HOTT!! sweater that shows her waist! sexy!! :drools:
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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Pand4, it is bad to fight with uncles Rolleyes

But ok, he was trying to start you ... how? Rolleyes

Don't worry, if an uncle started me enough I would shove him into the twins fans Rolleyes
ahhhz long story des~~ in fact~ not really long but then i juz cant b bother goin over it again Big Grin

anywayz another foto~ and this is a better one
wonder if its a high class resturant o.o...
i see king crabs -_-
panda is you dare go see my joey one more time..i ll murder you!! but omg..those joey pictures are just too wonder you were shaking..joey was too hot!!! your camera was probably's good that you managed to take some pics...but wonder the fans had to stand far away..the officals were scared that joey will make some fans burn...ahh joey dont eat sushi!! give me some !!
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
heh might wanna calm down a bit there
Van has been that way everytime a picture of Joey is posted :bang:

But yeah, Joey does look good, nice hair.

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