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For the Joey fans in Hong Kong
LOL BM! noodle bowl with chopsticks!! hahaa.. thats like TOTALLY MAD Rolleyes but at least u GOT a present hahaa.. i didnt get anything for xmas.. just cards =="

and ooo.. u guys MUST meet up.. and wat happened to BLAH? u guys gonna meet him too? btw pand4... snowy said email ur mobile fone number to him.. so he can contact u guys.
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think blah is in tokyo right?? :bang: he has been to HK and gone? ~~ anywayz wed ey?? am not quite sure abt that~~ coz Joey might have some activities goin on~~ soo we will see~~ how abt e-mail me ur mobie?? :baby: coz i am lazy Confusedleep:
i cant tomorrow but how about we all meet up somewhere on wednesday
grrrz lame rain aint ava until wed night~ Confusedmash: man~~ we dun have time to spend wiv Snowy @ all~~ only 2 nights~~~ porr snowy :bawling:
hey pand4 forgot to tell you i email you last night so check your email

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