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For the Joey fans in Hong Kong
Hey everyone

Sorry for now being able to put up a post on this site since i first sign up. I just wanted to say sorry about it...Anyways I'm going to be in Hong Kong till the end of next month and dont really know my way around much so was wondering if any other Joey fans out there want to show me around or help me look for some of the joey pictures. If anyone wants to email me my email is Or maybe we can arrange some kind of a get together for all of us to meet.
Hey Cwsl hows it going ?
I'm from australia in hk ... actually me and pand4 are in hk
and im sure he would love to meet you however, we are only available for a limited time since we are going to leave on the 30th of december which is only a few days away.

also another member, snowy is also coming back to hk to meet up with us, I'm sure it would be great if we did ^^

i'll email you to get details
stuck in 2004, be back in 10 minutes
rain~~ u even read his post?? :bang: he said he is not goin bak till end of next month which is jan... :baby: and we r goin bak on dec 30th~~ how r we gonna show him around??? :bang:
No he said he is going to be in HK until the end of january... he never said anything about WHEN he is gonna be in HK Rolleyes
awwww tatz gay typing~~ ahhhz... let's talk abt somethin else Rolleyes

#6 in Hong Kong right now to get it clear up... I wont be Leaving until the end of Next Month....where are you guys staying at maybe we can meet at some where thats in the middle im all the way out at Tuen Mun staying with my aunt but will be happy to meet you guys anywhere
HHahaah, well if you pay for my flight to Hong Kong, i'd gladly show you around.....evern though ive never been there lol. Grr im so jealous so many frineds of mine are in HK too! ahaha i asked my freind to buy me something from HK cheap, so he's gonna get me some pencils. yay.

have fun in HK Cwsl02 ( grr too complicated name!) look out for joey!
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]
LOL tatz good that ur fds got u some pencil BM~~ MERRY XMAS!!!!! :disco:

Cwsl02 Wrote:im all the way out at Tuen Mun staying with my aunt but will be happy to meet you guys anywhere

Tuen Mun ey? tatz good~ coz me and rain are around Tsuen Wan~~ guess u know wher that is?? Big Grin but then we better make it fast.. coz me and rain are goin bak aus soon :alien:
ayya Merry Christmas! its crhistmas , right now! yay. i got clothes and a radio and a noodle bowl with chopstix yay!
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]
do you guys want to meet up on wednesday somewhere...if so email me and let me know

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