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Whats that guys name???
Whats the guys name that starred in "Not Just A Pretty Face" with Joey?? The Leonardo guy?? Does he have an English name?
his name is roger kwok..
kwok chun on...
muhahahaha not juz a pretty face again? :evil:
tat reminds me of newb's avatar long ago in old JG~~ :lol:

wat do u all think of the series tho?...think the best part of it ws @ the last~ but yet~ not very last~~ u know~~ they loved each other but they aint together till the part tat joey was in the hospital... (jeeez i sound evil :devilSmile but then... like all tvb series... they have crappy endins.... this one is no exception LOL :bite:
It was funny, but I didn't really like the beginning cause it took roger kwok too long to turn good, he was too evil
LOL Roger Kwok was great in the beginning, then he started loosing hair and he was even better as a character Rolleyes

Joey was all round cute Big Grin
Is this a joey movie? i didn't know joey was in movies lol. is that joey in that pic that pand4 posted? ewwwww lol
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]
LOL This was a TVB series Joey was in, on the first few episodes Joey Had to pretend to be overweight Rolleyes

Joey has also been in various movies, her latest one is going to come out this coming January.
huh? next movie in january? What movie?
C-Thunda Wrote:huh? next movie in january? What movie?

da next movie will be on @ 13th of jan 2005~ it's somethin called "Crazy in the CT" or somethin like that~~ in the movie Joey is a police and apparently from wat i see in da ads~ she seems to b in love wiv Eason who also is a police in da movie :baby:
rrr so mucuh i don't know about Joey and Hk etc.... whats CT? who is Eason? gaaiiyaaa!

btw, i just have to say Merry Christmas y'all! ahah its 8:15 on Christmas morning and im on the net! yay. this derserves a whole post of its own, not just an edit!

[glow=red:eb6f15f8f0]USE THE EDIT BUTTON PLEASE[/glow:eb6f15f8f0]
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]

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