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Joey Cards
how dare u command Joey!!! Confusedmash: more like we r da one being summon by Joey!!! :bang:

Joey: "i summon da JGers the ultimate Spammers of mine!!!! :ahh: "
Joey: "JGers SPAM ATTACK!!!! :ahh: "
JGers: "spam spam spam spam spam spam :evil:"

hahahaha~~ tatz sooo mad~~ wars between fans club...~~ in fact tatz wat happened tat night in da charity concert~~ all were puttin up signs and stuff as high as they could and screamin like idiots LOL :baby:
ahah cool. aah speak for yourself! you're the one who spams that most lol. You'd probably use smiley attack! Angel :director:
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]
lol who said u can only have one attack??? smiley attack is secondary~~ :bang: we even have newb doin her gaydance on stomach attack :gaydance::gaydance::gaydance: and the best of all escape into the toilet to provide 100% of avoidin enemies attack :toilet:

anywayz i aint no here to talk abt these :baby: i got some pics of chihuahua poster in da MTR station in causeway bay~ and then the HEAVY light bulb sign dat we hold up for Joey~~ as well as some coke cans in vendin machines :laugh1:
OMG you are telling me that you held up THAT heavy light bulb sign !! That looks really heavy LOL, that sign is nice though, where did you get it?
right des~~ it is really heavy Confusedweating: and tat aint the only one around in da joey fans club~~~ they got all sorta light bulb sign~~ u gotta wait till rain to put it up :baby: wait till u ppl go bak HK~~ u can have fun holdin them up for hrs as well :laugh1:
YAY LOL, Rolleyes yes I will have fun holding them up for hours Rolleyes LOL, I better be able to see over all the people then, all that sign grr.
LOL... that sign is indeed heavy! i was watching jsg today.. and they had that sign! it covered the person;'s whole body LOL.. i wonder how they watch joey Rolleyes

but pics! u guys are lucky! i want some yes cards too!! well.. i do have a few but they are OLD ==
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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tatz like the heaviest sign u can get~~~ i heard that it was $2000+hk :eek: and it does cover the whole person!!! but u aint clever enuf to hold it infront of ur face right newb? :gaydance: u hild it above ur head~~ :bang: hence y ur hands feel so tire after holdin it LOL :lol: i think joinin Joey fans club is better than goin to gym~~ u get muscular holdin these signs up everyday Confusedweating:
ahah cool pics. but i dont really like that light bulb joey sign, makes joey look too anime/betty boo/ deformed lol.
[Image: joeycolourstz7.jpg]

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