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[12-12-04] Joey n Panda @ habour CT
hahaa.... her butler or mum feeds her cats =="
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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newbie123 Wrote:hahaa.... her butler or mum feeds her cats =="

man~~ tat cant b true~~~ if tatz da case tatz aint even Joey's pet then~~ da cats wont hang around Joey~~~ Joey loves her cats soooo much >< i can soooo tell!!!! go away evil newb!!!! :ahh:
LOL yeah I was exagerating about being pilot to 20, the aviation course takes 3 years so I will finish the course by the time I'm 20, move to HK and apply for permanent residency while I do commerical flying to rack up some flight times in my log book so by the time i'm 22 or 23 I would be taking the interview with utmost confidence.

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