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[12-12-04] Joey n Panda @ habour CT
ahem* everyone~~ Joey suddenly pop up @ habour CT today~ and panda da almighty happened to b ther :eek::eek: so i memorised everythin she said and puttin this up~~ Big Grin

Joey first started off makin a cake for everyone... tatz no interesting storyRolleyes... the interesting part is after she finished makin it and when she was showin everyone the cake~ she turned the plate over Confusedweating: and the cake... was dead...instantly... and this sum mei guy or wateva u wanna spell it~ he turned it bak over wiv his hand...which then he put in his mouth Rolleyes

after tat they went on talkin abt da colour that represents joey~ and it is golden yellow~ (OMG same as da panda!!!! :laugh1Smile it means that she is energrtic and stuff and blue is the colour tatz opposite of her :yoyo:

wat~~ u think thatz no interestin??? Confusedhifty: here goes the interestin part :evil: they then go on askin abt joey's first kiss~~ woooooo :naughty:

Joey said her first kiss was in a phone boot~ :dance: *weeeee~~ she was on da fone talkin and here come a guy kissed her like this ---> :kiss2: and the next thing she saw was a guy runnin away :blus:

sum mei: tatz not counted as a KISS~~ how abt those kiss --> :cuddle:
Panda: :eek::eek: (NOOooO i dun wanna know) :yikes: but he listened anywayz

Joey said she had the first cuddle when she was doin homework Rolleyes and guess wat~ MATHS homework... yeh pi = 3.142857 * ding :cuddle: hahaha~~ :bang: and she went on describin tat guy~~ she said when she first see him in F1 (which is yr 7) tat guy wore glasses and looked like "mr potato" to her~~Confusedofa: but then she fell wiv him when he lost some fat in F3 and he took off his glasses :affection: awww~~~~ :blus:

they ended up makin another cake and yeh~~ tatz basically it~ Big Grin panda did take some foto wiv his crappy fone~~ but the pics are so crap that u cant tell it is whether joey or my mum :bawling:
ahahah...congratz on seeing joey pand4
send me those pics when u figure out how to get it out of your phone...LOL
DAMN...that guy who kissed her in the phone smart...LOL
and her kissing that guy while doing maths hw...thats so movie-ish material...LOL
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
!#( &@$(+_#%&@)($@$( you must DIE for even DARING TO LOOK AT JOEY!! DIE PAND4!!!!!
awww how near we you to her?? not near i hope!!
awww joey's so cute!! haha
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
i think he said he was first in line...maybe he meant he was in front
[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
so lucky man, u just happened to be there Rolleyes LOL... haha I'd take a kiss over maths homework too Rolleyes
lol and she was asked to describe the colour of the kiss and she said DUCK SHIT GREEN :eek::eek::eek:

van~ i wasnt very close but i was close enuf to see her clearly~ Big Grin and yes snowy... thx for the correction~~ i do mean i am @ the very front~~ Tongue

lol i had my first kiss on my bed Rolleyes lol as if doin homework~~ it aint no accidient Rolleyes i wish someone kiss me when i am doin hw... but i only do homework myself... Sad
show us pics panda!!! i wanna see!! what was she wearing!!??
[Image: prettyeason.jpg]
blue is joey's opposite? ahha.. its her fav colour loll..poor joey

but omg!! that perv that kissed her at the fone boot!!

anyway, post some pics!! u shouldve brought a cam with u.. and did she sing any songs?
[Image: yesasia-logo.gif]

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no newb~~ i didnt have my camera wiv me Rolleyes didnt i say it was ALL an accidient??? i was goin to church in da mornin and havin lunch @ habour CT and joey happened to b ther :eek: u think panda take his camera to church?? Rolleyes

o wellz.... once i figure out how to transfer the foto from fone to comp i will put it up.... but like i said dun expect too much Tongue
Pand4, that's not Pi that you wrote down... that's 7/22

pi = 3.1415926536... Rolleyes

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