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Hi!I'm new there!I would like pictures from the ''Sweating'' song,duet with Allan Luo,and also the translation of this song.Can somebody find those pictures and write the translation?
next time go albums and find the translations first.. b4 you request for it..

(Joey/Show Collaboration)

J: The light heats up and spreads out
My whole body is burning
I tap on the floor
Jump up, hurry up and follow
Everybody fun
This is how I am
The mountain doesn?t turn but the path does
Hurry and rush past the turn

S: If you want to be good, you can?t do it halfway
If you don?t try hard, it won?t look good
All of you stand in formation, see how I work my way there
Stand in the center of the dance floor, it?s not that hard
Don?t use a method that?s too unrealistic
Just do it with style

*J: When we?re unhappy, we sweat
The dance steps have become a habit
The first impression we give others
Is that we are full of confidence*

#J: Sing aloud, we move along to the rhythm
Hurry up and follow, raise up your hands and clap
S: Raise up your hands, everybody clap together
J: It turns out the melody is infectious

Sing aloud, we move along to the rhythm
Hurry up and follow, the target is up ahead
S: The target is just ahead of us
J: Proudly look into each others eyes
Sweat all you want#

J: Think, baby think again
No matter how you prepare
You won?t be able to block yourself
Jump up, hurry up and follow
Everybody fun
We?ll have a dance contest until the sun rises
It?ll be hotter than wasabi, everbody let?s sweat

S: We persist on the same idea
We start in the same direction
How to learn eight dance sections
We use this mindset to watch
We?re clear about the situation
The sensitivity of a hero?s band
But not only do your words have to be pretty
Your skills are the final answer

Repeat * # 2x
[Image: CandycowsBanner.jpg]
[Image: 008.png]

我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
Hi Backi, welcome to the forum! Hope you will post lots in the future! Smile

I can't find any pics from the Sweating MV, but here are some pics of Joey and Alan in this thread, if you're interested:

As Candycow mentioned above, you can find translations and PING YUMs of Joey's albums here:
Ok guys thanks for all!!!!!!!!

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