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Joey is my 女强人!
(this is a post from 2007 that i bumped. read newb's posts, they are the BEST! Big Grin i still kept my essay all these years.)

i have a chinese essay that's due the day after tmr =/ the topic is to write about any female that we think is a ???, and make her sound very ??‰?. i want to write it on joey! Big Grin though i do feel kind of bad for not writing about my mom. Sad oh well.. so can u guys help me, what could i include in the essay that would support the fact that joey is ????

- helping others (famine 30, tung wah)
- successful (awards)
- grow up in a one-parent family since her parents are divorced
- dealt with loss voice in ____ (year?) :o
- rejected by go east company

k so this is what i have so far:
?œ????š„??œƒ??*, ??Š??†??Š??š?š„??€??œ‰?‡???š„??‹??*, ?ƒ??? ???‹?‡??. ??€??š„?†??”Ÿ, ?€??
, ??‹?, ?*‰?*‰. ?ƒ?????—?˜????.
finish tmr lah..
lol i dunno how to start the next sentence Sad
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Joey is truely someone i look up to. I wish I ever could have the ability to do what she does.
How long does your essay have to be? You haven't written much so far! Too, bad my Chinese isn't that good, can't help you with this.
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Wow Spoiledbrat, your starting sentence is much better than anything I can ever come up with. Your first sentence talks about ??? in more traditional professions so your next sentence could say ??? can now be found in more untraditional/newer professions such as the entertainment/pop music business? You can then talk about Joey afterwards.

You can mention stuff like Joey's commercials, concerts around the world and how she's achieved a successful career through hard work even though her academic results weren't that great.

I hope this helps, but if not, just ignore me.

Good luck with the essay, Spoiledbrat! Smile
Joey has a very optimistic attitude even when she is faced with deep pressure.
That's a really good start to your essay. Good luck!
Joey rocks! Thats all that needs to be said on your essay Rolleyes

She lost her voice in 2001 cause of too much stress and injections (voice injections for her 2001 concert) + dieting pills (according to the recent interview).

In fact, you should get ideas from the mando interview, candycow did an in-depth translation for that in the same thread. It mentions a lot about Joey's experiences and problems she faced in the past etc.

She also faced the lost of her close teacher, Roman in 2002. Other than that, she faced the critizisms on her appearance (looks, fashion, weight, etc). And because of this so called "over-weight" image, she started to not receive any jobs (cause the outsiders weren't interested in signing contracts with her - commercial, film, performances) because of her weight. So Joey started to undertake dieting at a fast pace (not caring what method it was, she just wanted to lose weight, hence the dieting pills that damaged her vocals).

Prior to EEG, Joey has been in 2 other music companies. Forgot which order, but they were a Japanese music company which closed down not long after they signed her, and Go East who signed her and got her to sing ONE song, then didn't want her anymore by not giving her many opportunities and jobs.

I guess another ??? thing she also has is with her love relationship. She chose career over the guy (Meter) Rolleyes (do u need reference for all this information? If so, reference it using Joey's "Tin Zhi Giu Nui" song LOL jk)

And oh, if this is gonna be any relevant at all, her house burnt down before in 2000 LOL. And lost her cat >.< + other valuble stuff like photos
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seriously.. i am having this problem too.... anyone can come up with reasons for why joey is a groundbreaker?? i wanted to use joey, but i can't think of much groundbreaking things that she did... except maybe the fact that she didn't lose hope even when she lost her voice?? Rolleyes but that's like only one example.. so anyone can help??
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我甘心再次 困在你小宇宙損失看大世界的褔氣  embracing your return  <3<3<3:love::love:
LOL, man.. as much as I want to help you and give you ideas, my chinese sucks.. and I wouldn't know how to write it well in chinese
H2o 1da
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Loves Jo B ; Loves Jessica ; Loves Myolie; Loves Skye
lol i guess singing high is kay's specialty. but Joey still has a nice range for an HK singer.
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i should pay more attn in chinese class. teacher said we can hand it in on monday instead of tmr Big Grin Big Grin

yeah i thought about using the cctv interview too, has good info in it that i can use.

voice loss - it had nothing to do with overusing her voice? im curious about the voice injections, they're for enhancing ur voice right? are these used commonly by singers?

lol when i read the part about tin zhi giu nui, i was like HUH? HAHA I GET IT NOW!! I never knew that the song had to do with meter.. the choosing career over love thing is a great idea! ????????..that's how u would say it right? lol

thx everyone! esp newbs ^^

i knew that joey's house was burned down before, but i had always thought it was before she entered the industry. lol how did it happen? did joey leave the oven on or something?
[Image: Joeybanner174edited.png]

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