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Chinese Streaming service?
are there any radio stations or streaming severs were i can listen to chinese music?
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#2 is pretty good
Any radio stations?
Well there is 903, RTHK, and Metro 997 is for 903
for RTHK and Metro 997, you can just google them. i'm sure you'll find them easily
hmm..i dunno if this is wht u want is a FREE Streaming Chinese allows u 2 choose any channel u want! also allows u 2 watch new comming mvs...etc..n other tv programs...

1. Download and Install the Program.
2. Run Program
3. You need Windows Media Player 9 or later.
4. There will be an icon running in your taskbar - right click on it and choose the third option from the bottom. This will change the font to English.
5. Select a channel and start the player.


Credit: animetama @ D-Addicts
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thanx fo da info
i like 903
mm.. didn't know some of these Smile thanks for the link!
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cool.. thx..
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thanks for the links guys
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how do you listen to 903? i cant read chinese and i cant find it... (randomly clicking) hehehe
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Just click on the bottom 903 option in the dropdown menu, then click the little radio box on the top righthand corner

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