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Which colour does Joey dislike most?
nooo...she had purple highlights.....and her DreamRoad mv was very purpleish.....

Green is definitely not it :roll:

i think its YELLOW!!

OoOoo...prizes!! how about 500 posts!! Big Grin
yes, prize! lol
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i say its pink, it a feeling thing ya no "jek kok" so yhea i choosed pink.

when u gonna anounce the color newbs???
she said u spammer
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well, newbs said THIS saturday...

but come on...its newbs were talking about...Rolleyes so it can be next or next after that or the next and next and so on...
LOL.. no... i chose sat cause im not going out that day hahah.. and sunday.. ppl would be at home doing hw and too busy to come on jg... so i chose saturday Rolleyes
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WHITEEEEEEEEEEE CAUSE IT'S BORING...unlike joey Big Grin give me the answer newbbb
joey hasn't dyed her hair white before..aother reason? lol
dont tell me that she hasnt' dyed her hair green/orangle..i am going to ignore that fact
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Oh darn, you guys got me thinking that it might not be purple now. AIIIIIIII.. well anywho, I can't wait for the answer!! grr. lols.
yhea im statrting to think its purple also...cuz i dont like purple and i sooo think like joey j/k...well newbs ost the answer soon..
i guess si jah forgot to post us the answer to the question ==

i guess we will have to wait til next saturday to find out...LOL
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