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Sheet Music for JY's songs
does anyone have ANY sheet music for joey's songs? preferably for piano plz, i've been looking since forever and i cudnt find a single one...plz post if u have any please =]
Avoiding You


My Pride

Think Too Far

They're all Piano Scores
ikuaru, I've got the piano score book released by EEG a couple of years ago. Here's a scan of back of the book showing the 20 Joey songs it contains. Let me know if there's a particular song you'd like me to scan for you but I probably won't have time until the weekend.
yeah, I've been looking for some music scores.. and then i can force my friends to play it for me Big Grin
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Same here, thanks for sharing Joeyfan12.
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thanks a bunch!!! =D someone should play these songs, and they record them, and put them up here! hehe
wow thnx! how did u guys find so many? i tried googling for a whole dai and cudnt find a single on‌e =]

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ahhh im actualy playing a couple songs. ill post them 2morow
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Hi ikuaru,

Here's the piano scores for the 3 songs you wanted:


Hi guys... if you need any sheet music pm me and i'lll try to find it... and here is my collection of songs that i'm learning atm. some of them i play pretty badley like "My pride" and "怯" so don't start laughing :o
[Image: 6024a09a.jpg]

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