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requesting for Joey n Rain pic
i rmb reading somewhere in the past that joey n rain attended the same function in hk n they took a pic together? ya...does anyone has the pic here?
I think it was in Beijing
#3's in beijing? i tried searching for the pic in the photo gallery n under news archive, but i can't find it...anyone has the pic?
here ya go

[Image: rainandjoeyqz0.jpg]

[Image: rainandjoey1ca9.jpg]
Joey peeked xD
[Image: joeybanner2-1.jpg]
wooh! thank u so much!! wooh!! rain n joey rocks! both of them r so cute!! lalala! thx once again. =)
oo!! i like those pix! thanks sis!! Big Grin
H2o 1da
[Image: SCww2.jpg]
Loves Jo B ; Loves Jessica ; Loves Myolie; Loves Skye

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