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What is the closest contact you had with Joey?
.... sorries, the title sounded kinda sexy .... but i mean, like have you talked to her, shook her hand, got an autograph, got a photo with her, just saw her from afar? what? thanks.

i saw her twice from afar, i got an autograph once so i was close but didn't get a chance to shake her hand and i think i said hi to her and i forgot if she said anything to me cuz the security was rushing us along too much but i recall some eye contact as i was taking my autographed cd booklet and walking away from the autograph table
ho ho ho ....

i talked to her and she talked back to me and she asked me about JG and she signed my cds but i forgot to take a photo with her :banghead:
stuck in 2004, be back in 10 minutes
awww...but thats THE LAME RAIN Rolleyes

omg..haha..she asked about JG? did u give her the address to come here??

soo sad but true...i havent met Joey in person YET :crying:
YEH I gave her address but i dont think she knows what galaxy is, then her assistant lady had to repeat galaxy to her again....

it was kinda funny coz i was just going crazyyy
stuck in 2004, be back in 10 minutes
now that rain mentioned it... joey-alliance got a note from joey... their forum opened like in august... no bigger than ours, but JOEY knows about it for sure... but joey hasn't come to this forum thou i bet Sad
haha.. our forum just dont have enough publicity.. when the forum is fully up.. i will annoy joey by sending her heaps of letters with JG's url on it hahah.. Rolleyes

and btw dale... rem to post the joey related topics in the "joey-chat" .. not chit chat Big Grin

the closest contact i had with joey was a group foto with her... but i doubt she looked at me haha.. for sure i knew i looked at her.. full on.. especially her NICE skin!! it was right in front of me.... cant miss the skin! haha
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HAHA newbs.... yeah, my closest "moment" with joey was when she came out of the airport, i shook her hand and said "hallo"... she said "hallo" back and smiled at me :love: :iluvu:
yeahh.. she LOOKED at u and said HI back! that would be a dream come true for me..Rolleyes ahha
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you forgot the SMILE she gave me, newbs! Tongue :love:
mann newb..u perv!! u were perving joey's skin full on...poor joey...thats like being mentally raped....bad newbs bad Confusedpank: Rolleyes

oh yeah..wat u said...would be a dream come true for me too Rolleyes

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