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what do you think Joey will get in the 2004 awards?
Joey will once again be VERY successful at the award shows Big Grin
okais~~ from wat panda knows~ Joey will b gettin @ least 4 awards and hopefully 5 in the metro award thingy tmr~~

these includes:
"ging bao" female singer
"ging bao" songs: --> Instant Break Up & Only One in the world
Karaoke songs: Only One in da world

but then~~ it is very unlikely for joey to get gold award in 903 thingy~~ tat has somethin to do wiv in some time june or july this yr~ joey has no songs playin in any radio station~~ and @ the end of the yr a whole lot songs come out~~ hence ahhz...joey's song fight against her own songs?? if u get wat i mean~~ but yeh~~ therz still chance... but most likely to b a silver Sad but Joey did her best right?? and her songs kick ass~~~ who gives a damn abt the awards :laugh1:... tho it would b nice to have em too :bang:
hahah... metro awards.. the porkchop award show.. i watch it as a fashion show more haha.. but its so stupid.. singers dont get to sing FULL songs.. only like half or less.. which is pointless..i guess metro have too many porkchop to give out. but just eager to kno wat joey is gonna wear on the night haha Rolleyes

and as for 903.. they are bias.. they favour miriam... hence.. miriam will get the gold. even at the 903 press con group pic... miriam was RIGHT in the middle with leo.. and joey was like.. 2-3 places on the right.. thats saying something obviously lol.. i just hope joey gets most loved female singer at least! >.<

oo... but besides all looking forward to watching 903 awards! haha.. cause its interesting.. unlike metro.. so boring lol.
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She going win alot that for sure.

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