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what do you think Joey will get in the 2004 awards?
I just read a magz article that talked about the most popular male/female awards at the TVB award ceremony. It said that Hacken and Andy are gonna have to fight over the award, HOWEVER, for the females... they say that Joey seems to be ahead of everybody enough that she can be called teh "sure winner" Big Grin

oh... i'm listening to "GLAB" "put your hands together for the JOEY!" :clap:
JOEY!!! WOOHOO.. :clap: :dance:
i knew earlier about the hacken and andy thingy. there were rumours about the both of them fighting so hard for the award. honestly speaking, i think hacken has higher chances.
and as for joey...............SHE RULES!!
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hacken and andy both show good sportsmanship, thats good, and yeah, joey all the way, she beats all opposition leaving them in the dust Big Grin
oh yeah! there was this interview between eric tsang and andy hui. they were talking bout the awards and they mentioned hacken. according to eric tsang, hacken said dat he got the best male award for the 1st time was out of pity. coz before dat, andy hui got, right? means dat ppl pity them for not getting the award after years and years in showbiz.
and the second time he got it, which is last year, was because of alan tam. the 'jo lun yau lei' thingy. so eric said dat................if hacken can get the award this's because of his talent, right?? haha!
but to me, it's all base on his talent coz he has such a nice voice.
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his voice is okay... not wonderful but certaiinly better than almost every singer on the market nowadays... but i think hacken's most incredible part is his ability to sing always so well no matter how hard or how high he has to sing...

hey guys... dont forget the title of this thread! what awards do you think joey will get???

perhaps we can have a guessing game... of how many awards she gets this year Big Grin
joey's gonna win them all
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wats the max u can get???
ya, andy and hacken are both possibilities this year...but i feel its hacken...cuz Andy has justed started appearing again. and ya..hacken has a SUPER GOOD voice...and like phil said, even if he is sick, he sings perfectly. Andy is also a great singer...but i think his voice was a lot better before, its not THAT great now. in terms of joey.....i have full confidence joey is gonna win! Miriam, she's quite involved in both the movie and music industry, but joey is more in the music industry, and joey's albums sells more. Sammi, she's great! but she onli apperaed in the music industry a lil this year, so probably not. Gigi, she is continuously improving, but she was never really popular, and no albums htis year, jus a compilation. Kelly... she has a great chance this year..with the concert in dec and all...but then she, like sammi, onli appeared in the music industry for a lil while this year wen stylish index came out...and i think that her concert will help her next year more than this year since its gonna be like faye's concert last year....late late 2004. so joey has a BIGBIGBIG chance!
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oooo, and awards...haha, i forogt bout that...probably top ten, most popular female singer, and maybe best ad song for the world's only, and best duet song for the upcoming one with hacken...if it makes it into the charts in time. but i am realli not sure bout which song is gonna win top ten...cuz there isnt realli a song that REALLY REALLY stands out like "my pride"...but joey has had MANY SUPER GOOD songs this year compared to other singers, so i am sure she will get one, the question is jus which one
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