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[Ping Yum] Love Number 16
can i help typing the ping yum if we r only using the ruby?
sure u can, but i'm not sure if JG will use it for their section b/c they have someone to translate already, but if u want to do it sure, u can post it up for the members lol Big Grin
[Image: Wayne.png]
[Image: AirCityBanner.gif]
im not really sure if newbs will use it...because i asked her before if we can use ruby...and she said its wrong....but she was the one that told me there is no such thing as correct @ SI JAH

[Image: giveloveabreakbanner.jpg] [Image: kju32.gif]
oh...thank you for that...i was looking for them...hehehe
hey, where can i get the ruby? is it a software? send me the link can or not?

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